'Energize your life' with SantEnergy Nu

Published: 14-Jan-2022

SantEnergy Nu is a metabolism booster, with a strong antioxidative, energising, protective and slimming effect

SantEnergy Nu is an extract made from the aromatic dried leaves of santa herba, also called holy herb, which has a strong traditional medicinal usage history in California and Mexico.

SantEnergy Nu supports healthy ageing, increased body metabolism and a more balanced metabolic rate thanks to a synergistic interplay of three different mechanisms:

  • Reduces formation of undesired glycated products causing metabolic diseases
  • Protects body from oxidative stress, a risk factor for lowering metabolic rate 
  • Boosts the energy level with caffeine-like energising and stimulating effect

The ability to stimulate the body metabolism also has a remarkable impact on weight management. Obese volunteers significantly lost weight after taking 400mg of SantEnergy Nu daily compared to the placebo group. This well-designed double blind randomised clinical study also confirmed that big part of the weight loss is due to the significant reduction in body fat (J Med Food 24 (11) 2021, 1235-1242).

SantEnergy Nu has a very pleasant taste and is available as free-flowing powder. This allows the use in many different products and allows an easy combination with other ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals. Possible application areas in the food and nutraceutical area are slimming products, antioxidative formulas, healthy ageing, caffeine replacement, energy, and sports drinks.

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