DracoBelle Nu regulates skin aging through a rejuvenation mechanism

Published: 19-Jan-2024

The formation of wrinkles is to some extent inevitable and is part of general skin aging. One main cause is the weakening of the collagen supporting structure. This is caused by slowing down of regeneration process and loss of skin elasticity and firmness. DracoBelle Nu has proven to activate a rejuvenation pathway, thereby stimulating collagen production, leading to increased collagen levels

With aging our skin becomes less elastic and the synthesis of connective tissues, such as collagen, decreases. This consequently results in visible wrinkles. Increasing level of the collagen in skin therefore is important to conserve skin firmness, allowing aged skin to look more youthful.

DracoBelle™ Nu is an extract made from the Moldavian Dragonhead, known for its high content in flavonoid glucuronides and its antioxidative effects. This ingredient is capable of boosting collagen biosynthesis and assembly leading to denser skin.

Results of a cellular study showed, that DracoBelle™ Nu increases levels of two key proteins involved in the so-called longevity pathway, AMPK and FOXO. There is strong scientific evidence that this pathway plays an important role in the rejuvenation of aged cells. Furthermore, DracoBelle™ Nu leads to increased gene expression levels of various collagen types and collagen assembly proteins. Additionally, in vivo tests confirmed that DracoBelle™ Nu has an influence in boosting collagen biosynthesis in skin tissues. The collagen increase was visualised by specific fluorescence markers.

DracoBelle™ Nu also significantly improves some skin parameters, as seen in a clinical study performed with mid-aged volunteers. After two months of supplementation their skin elasticity and moisture levels had significantly improved compared to initial condition. Ultra- sonographic images taken from the skin proved a clear increase in skin density.

DracoBelle™ Nu is a natural, award-winning, anti-aging ingredient, supporting rejuvenation of aged skin by boosting collagen synthesis. It is available as powder, neutral in taste and dissolves very well in water, which allows the development of a wide range of beauty-from-within supplements.

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