Timut pepper extract supports the cognition-longevity axis

Published: 13-Nov-2023

Ageing and unhealthy lifestyles have a deteriorating impact on our brain health. Nootropics are a way to improve cognitive status as we age

SaraPEPP™ Nu has demonstrated not only to significantly enhance mental performance in mid-aged study volunteers right after the first intake but also to improve their long-time memory. Further tests show that it also has remarkable effects on the cognition-longevity axis.

SaraPEPP™ Nu is a natural cognitive enhancer with beneficial effects on brain longevity. It is a Timut pepper extract rich hydroxy-α-sanshool, a key substance. This compound triggers the release of neurotransmitters. They are essential regulators of brain function and typically decrease with ageing. Scientific data confirm the connection between healthy brain ageing and extension of healthspan and lifespan. Using a special designed nematode study model revealed that SaraPEPP™ Nu can extend their lifespan by more 12% as well as significantly increase their healthspan.

SaraPEPP™ Nu has been tested in a clinical study (Nutrients, 2019 Dec 10;11(12):3022) with mid-age study volunteers, where results show:

  • significant improvement on mental performance
  • volunteers kept up their concentration for up to 5 hours during a various battery of mental tests.
  • significant reduction in mental fatigue compared to placebo group.
  • improvement of reaction time while performing complex mental assessment trials.
  • amelioration of short- and long-term memory right after first intake.

SaraPEPP™ Nu is ideal for working professionals, students, golden agers, and e-gamers, as support to improve cognitive performance and a healthier ageing of the brain. This ingredient has a grapefruit-like taste and is available as MCT-oil based liquid and powder, allowing the development of various applications such as soft gels, tablets, chews, gummies, and powder within the food supplements space.

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