CherryShield: maltodextrin-free, high-in-fibre fruit powder

Published: 29-Sep-2021

Taiyo's dietary fiber Sunfiber combined with the nutritional benefits of Stevnsbaer

Functional ingredient expert Taiyo GmbH and Danish manufacturer Asiros Nordic A/S have joined forces to create a new fruit powder with appealing nutritional properties: CherryShield is part of a range of premium and organic fruit powders for use as a food supplement or in functional beverage applications that aid well-being and digestion.

The added health benefits of CherryShield Premium and Organic powders are based on the ingredients of an exceptional Danish sour cherry variety and Taiyo's 100% natural dietary fibre Sunfiber.

Since ancient times, cherries and their juice have been used to relieve various ailments.

The fruit used for the new powder is the so-called Stevnsbaer cherry, which is cultivated exclusively in Denmark. To ensure consistently high quality, the harvest for CherryShield powder comes exclusively from contract farming on the Danish islands of Lolland and Zealand, where the ocean climate provides optimal growing conditions.

Compared with other varieties, this sour cherry weighs just 2 g and has the highest sugar content and dry matter. Stevnsbaer cherries have twice as much vitamin C as oranges and three times the antioxidant content of blueberries.

The polyphenol content of the Stevnsbaer cherry is also significantly higher compared with other sour cherries, with 2.6 g per 100 g.

According to studies, the plant pigments help prevent cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases associated with oxidative stress. Other attributed health benefits relate to modulation of the gut microbiota. The secondary plant compounds have an antibacterial effect, which makes them useful for immune system support. A sleep-improving effect has also been demonstrated.

The prebiotic effect of CherryShield Premium and Organic powders is boosted by the ISO-certified dietary fibre Sunfiber, which is derived from guar beans (PHGG) via partial hydrolysis.

The positive influence on digestion and the feeling of satiety, as well as the low glycaemic index, have been scientifically proven in more than 150 studies. According to the Australian Monash University, Sunfiber is certified suitable for patients with irritable bowel syndrome and other functional gastrointestinal disorders as part of a low-FODMAP diet.

CherryShield Premium and Organic fruit powders do not contain maltodextrin, which is why they can state "no added sugar" on the label.

The claim "high in fibre" is also permitted. The colourless, odourless and tasteless, non-viscous dietary fiber Sunfiber performs the technological functions of an additive, while the solubility of the fruit powders in water is also convincing.

The decisive factor here is the agglomerate structure that is created when the fruit juice is dried with the dietary fibre. Additionally, the dietary fibre can be coated with additional active ingredients, such as coenzyme Q10, magnesium or zinc.

CherryShield is gluten-free, certified GMO-free and vegan. To ensure the highest possible purity, the products are tested for polyphenols and DNA as part of the Canadian TRU-ID certification programme.

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