Taiyo’s patented SunActive flavonoid delivery system is solving longstanding formulation challenges

Published: 18-Oct-2023

Taiyo’s patented, solvent-free, enzymatic technology  — SunActive flavonoid delivery system —  is proving to be a major step forward in the dietary supplement industry’s ability to bring more efficacious ingredients to market.

SunActive is a game-changer, enabling companies to distinguish themselves in highly competitive categories. 

“SunActive technology improves water solubility and bioavailability of flavonoids,” explains Taiyo International Vice President Scott Smith.

“This patented and award-winning delivery system opens up numerous new applications for flavonoids including SunActive IsoQ, our GRAS affirmed, clinically studied, soluble form of isoquercitrin which delivers quercetin in the body.” 

Until now, some flavonoids with known health benefits have not reached their full market potential because of formulation challenges.

With SunActive, Taiyo’s research and development team has cracked the code to enable some flavonoids to have the dual benefits of being more bioavailable and water soluble.

Examples of these benefits can be found in the current SunActive line up. Ongoing research is expected to reveal even more benefits. 

  • SunActive IsoQ: The technology solves the taste, solubility and bioavailability issues that have long been obstacles associated with quercetin. Because of these enhancements, SunActive IsoQ allows for a significantly lower dose while delivering greater benefit. 
  • Coming soon: SunActive HES: Hesperidin is a powerful antioxidant; however, it is known for its poor solubility. SunActive technology improves its water solubility and bioavailability. 

SunActive technology is safe and supported by ongoing research 
SunActive IsoQ is GRAS based upon the review by an expert panel’s review of safety and toxicology data. Previous published clinical research has confirmed that SunActive IsoQ showed significantly higher bioavailability – 25 times higher than free quercetin.

Taiyo’s patented SunActive flavonoid delivery system is solving longstanding formulation challenges

Most recently, a laboratory study partially funded by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development and published in the Journal of Chemistry evaluated the potential of SunActive IsoQ (referred to as QCD) for its antiviral properties, or protease inhibition. 

The study determined that the highly bioavailable SunActive IsoQ binds to proteins associated with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

This mechanism works to inhibit the virus’s ability to replicate. Researchers concluded that further studies are warranted to explore the possibility of including SunActive IsoQ in future antiviral drug formulations. 

The next member of the SunActive flavonoid series, SunActive HES, was determined to be GRAS in July 2023 by a panel of independent experts based on the extensive safety and toxicology data. 

SunActive HES was found to be greater than 100 times more bioavailable than hesperidin. 

Additional research has shown SunActive HES helps improve blood flow by improving endothelial function and mitigating cold stress. 

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