Taiyo to present consumer-focused product concepts at Vitafoods

Published: 26-Apr-2022

The company will be exhibiting on booth F90 at the event

At Vitafoods Europe, functional ingredient supplier Taiyo will present concepts which address current consumer trends, such as healthy ageing, sports nutrition and clean label products.

The company will showcase additions to its Sunfiber portfolio – an all-natural, 100% soluble dietary fiber – as well as its new Sunfiber Water concept, an optimum hydration offering with health-boosting properties. It will also present Sunphenon EC, known for its high polyphenol and catechin content with antioxidant effects. Other highlights at the stand include functional ingredients such as concentrated Moringa seed extract and new Vegemeat concepts.

With Sunphenon EC, Taiyo offers an alternative to existing green tea extracts. The product is rich in epicatechin, found predominantly in cocoa and green tea, and has a proven positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, a decrease in morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases is associated with the consumption of flavanols. Therefore, the product is suitable for elderly people or other consumers who have problems with muscle health, such as muscle atrophy. The product has been designed for use in instant tea sticks, instant beverages or supplements.

Visitors will also be able to learn more about the company’s Chia Protein XiaPure. Chia seeds contain essential amino acids necessary for good health and are an excellent source of protein for sports nutrition. With XiaPure, a finely milled, high-quality vegan protein powder from Chile, Taiyo provides a new formulation for a vegan protein shake. The chia protein makes the mouthfeel much smoother and the company's ingredients: Sunfiber, raw coffee powder and SunActive Zinc deliver added nutritional value. The concept can be used for ready-to-drink shakes or protein-enriched ice cream, and is available in three different flavours.

The third concept Taiyo is presenting is Sunfiber Water, designed to address different target groups, including the ageing population. This generation often does not consume enough water or vital nutrients. The concept, however, enables the production of isotonic drinks containing less sugar and additional dietary fibre, allowing for much higher bioavailability of minerals. It’s also possible to customise these beverages by adding more active ingredients such as Q10 or curcumin, depending on the target group. For example, children or athletes could also benefit from the Sunfiber Water Concept, as these groups are dependent on a targeted nutrient intake.

Other highlights at the stand include various Sunfiber Blends with different added health benefits, as well as Moringa, a standardised leaf powder with 1% glucomoringin that has anti-inflammatory properties, and updated concepts for the company’s pea-based meat alternative Vegemeat.

Dr Stefan Siebrecht, MD at Taiyo’s German subsidiary, says: "The Corona crisis has had a major impact on consumers interest in healthy eating. More and more people are questioning the ingredients in a product, and increasingly want natural and plant-based alternatives. Taiyo presents solutions and products with which the industry can meet these demands. "

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