Human clinical study shows Taiyo’s low-dose MorActive effectively relieves back discomfort

Published: 23-May-2022

This novel combination of moringa seed extract plus Sunfiber is a versatile, water-soluble ingredient

A staggering eight out of 10 American adults are estimated to experience back aches at some point in their lives ... with 49% reporting back discomfort since COVID began.

For 16 million adults, chronic back discomfort limits certain everyday activities. Although there is a huge consumer need for relief, many products targeting back discomfort are just ingredient combinations with no clinical studies associated with the finished formula.

That’s not the case with Taiyo’s unique water-extracted moringa seed extract, available through NutriScience Innovations as MorActive. It has been shown to have a clinically significant effect on lower back discomfort at a very low dose. Additionally, Taiyo’s Sunfiber is used as the nutritional carrier to eliminate the need for maltodextrin.

“NutriScience is proud that our strong partnership with Taiyo is driving the ability to bring novel, efficacious and naturally derived ingredients such as MorActive to market,” comments NutriScience Innovations President and CEO Alan Yengoyan. “High quality is an essential component to everything we do, and Taiyo is in complete alignment with that philosophy.”

Patented MorActive is backed by human clinical research

Moringa is well known in the natural products industry as a superfood. However, MorActive is the first to derive its benefits from the plant’s glucosinolate-rich seeds, which are then standardised to 20% glucomoringin.

“Taiyo is excited to offer glucomoringin from moringa seeds, which yields a higher quality active ingredient. Using our Sunfiber as the nutritional carrier is another added benefit. Combined, MorActive speaks to Taiyo’s enduring commitment to innovation,” says Taiyo International Vice President Scott Smith.

MorActive works by desensitising the nerves and receptors associated with back discomfort, lowering discomfort levels. Glucomoringin is converted in the body to moringin, which has been shown to be a very effective and potent antagonist of TRPA1, an ion channel known as a sensor for aches.

It is also one of the few formulas to be specifically studied on lower back discomfort. A four-week randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study found the ingredient to be effective at reducing lower back discomfort among healthy adults.

“This is exciting technology,” confirms NutriScience Chief Science Officer Michael Lelah. “In MorActive, we have a low-dose, highly bioavailable ingredient supported by an understanding of its mechanism of action. There are numerous opportunities for our customers to create their own distinct consumer formulas that are based on a true clinical study.”

A broad range of effective finished product formats and formulas is now possible

Lelah explains that MorActive is an excellent option for brands looking to offer new, differentiated products that deliver effective natural solutions for back discomfort, helping consumers live the active lifestyle they desire.

In addition to being water soluble, MorActive powder has virtually no taste. It is suitable for capsules, tablets, gummies, stick packs and beverages, as well as some food applications.

MorActive is part of an exclusive portfolio of proprietary ingredients from NutriScience Innovations LLC and partner Taiyo International, Inc. Sunfiber is a product and registered trademark of Taiyo International, Inc.

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