New study determines Sunfiber has significant prebiotic benefits even at 3 g doses

Published: 11-Jun-2024

University of Minnesota researchers reconfirm Sunfiber’s strong gut health effects

There is a large body of evidence linking prebiotic fibre with balanced gut microbe composition and overall health.

New human clinical research confirms that Taiyo’s Sunfiber, already one of the world’s most heavily studied prebiotic fibres, has significant gut-balancing benefits at 3 and 6 gram doses.

The University of Minnesota study, published in Applied Microbiology, was conducted by world-renowned fibre expert Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD.

“Sunfiber is popular in part because of its efficacy, versatility, ease of use and multiple soughtafter certifications. This new research opens the doors to even more formulation possibilities, now that we know Sunfiber’s tremendous potential to promote digestive health even at 3 g doses,” comments Taiyo International President Scott Smith.  

Study details

For this randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study, researchers sought to determine the dose response effects of Sunfiber (Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum or PHGG) on healthy adults. Each subject completed three 14-day treatment periods with a 2-week washout between each period. Treatments included supplementation with 3 g of PHGG, 6 g of PHGG or a placebo.

Researchers observed several highly desirable benefits of Sunfiber.

  • Significantly higher Akkermansia levels in the 3 g and 6 g Sunfiber groups compared with the placebo after 14 days. Decreased Akkermansia concentrations in the gut are associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. Akkermansia also tends to be decreased in the presence of IBD and other gastrointestinal conditions, making increases of extremely high interest.
  • Significant decreases in Sutterella, which has previously been associated with IBD and inflammation. 
  • Salivary cortisol numerically decreased in the 6 g Sunfiber period, indicating it may positively affect the body’s stress response, but requires further investigation. 
  • The 6 g dose of Sunfiber was found to have the highest percentage of normal stool consistency among the study groups, corroborating Sunfiber’s regularity benefits. 

The researchers noted that Sunfiber (PHGG) may work to improve gut microbe balance while triggering fewer undesirable symptoms owing to impact on the gut microbiome.

Slavin comments: “This study demonstrated a significant prebiotic effect for Sunfiber at a lower dose than previously shown. The significant increases in Akkermanisa are a novel finding and new benefit area for consumers.”

Sunfiber is proven to be effective by more than 100 clinical studies for digestive health, gut health, glycaemic control and satiety, without the typical side-effects found with other fibres.

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