New process prolongs Chia Oil's shelf-life

Published: 10-Apr-2018

Successful co-operation between Taiyo and Benexia

Taiyo, an expert manufacturer of functional ingredients, offers Xia Oil, a premium chia oil that remains stable for up to 2 years.

Using a novel process, XIA PURE Ox Blocker technology, the taste and smell of the oil stays fresh and its nutraceutical properties remain intact.

With a content of more than 60% alpha-linolenic acid, Xia Oil from Chilean chia seeds is the richest natural source of vegetarian omega-3 fatty acids on the market, making it an ideal dietary supplement for vegetarians and vegans.

A regular intake has a positive effect on heart health, blood circulation and cortisol levels.

Healthy oils are usually very sensitive to oxidation and perish quickly. To counteract this problem, Taiyo has collaborated with Benexia, one of the leading cultivators and processors of chia seed ingredients for the nutritional, food and beverage industries.

Working closely together, the two companies have successfully developed XIA PURE Ox Blocker technology. The patented technique provides improved oxidative stability and a longer shelf-life for the high quality, 100% natural seed oil.

Benexia is responsible for the entire supply chain of the oil in Chile, thus ensuring its quality from cultivation to harvesting and processing.

By cold pressing the chia seeds without using chemical solvents or thickening agents, the oil retains its natural tocopherols. It can be kept for up to 2 years at normal ambient temperatures, during which time the antioxidant ORAC-level remains constant.

Xia Oil is almost colourless and tasteless, with a slightly nutty note. As such, it can be used in powder form, added to juices, smoothies and mueslis, or utilised as a rapeseed or olive oil substitute in dressings.

"Chia Oil is the richest vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids in nature. It consists of 60% alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid that has, among other benefits, a positive effect on the immune system, metabolism and blood pressure."

"Also containing polysaccharides, which inhibit carbohydrate breakdown in the gut, it can also contribute to gastrointestinal well-being and a healthy diet as well. In addition, Xia Oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and is rich in valuable nutrients and trace elements," says Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director of Taiyo GmbH and micronutrient expert.

To ensure the safety of its nutraceutical products, Taiyo’s chia ingredients are sterilised using an approved Log-5 reduction technology. Apart from Xia Oil, the company offers food grade white or black chia seeds, as well as micronised chia protein and fibre with standardised particle sizes.

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