Nature and Science: Together, for human health

Published: 26-Jul-2022

Watch Indena's short documentary, featured in the Global Thought Leaders series, also available on CBS News

Indena shares: "The series dives deep into our vision of Science, Nature and their connection to human life. And hear what our business partners say about us!

From Nature to Science – and from Science to Nature – we have always supported human health through a holistic approach and a sustainable vision, leading the demand for natural derivatives in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields to complement positive lifestyle changes.

That’s why, for the first time, Indena has been featured in the Global Thought Leaders series, a collection of documentaries for the true thinkers that are shaping the business environment of tomorrow."

The company’s mission of spreading the culture of phytochemicals for better health and wellbeing, for today and for future generations, is explained in the video through the voice of Daniele Giavini, Indena’s CEO and the one of Pietro Allegrini, Indena’s R&D Director. In the video there is also the contribution of a few important business partners of Indena, who discuss of how the company continuously enriches the health care environments through its research and products.

A wide communication plan, by Indena and CBSnews-Global Thought Leaders, will enhance the project on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to maximize the spread of their values, heritage and key message #FromNaturetoScience

From July till the end of the year, seven additional clips will be published on social media to engage the whole community, they are taken from the full video and they focus on the different specific topics: The role of nature for human health, Pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, Innovation and standardization of extracts, The biomedical research, Scientific research, Quality and sustainability, the two Customer stories Thorne and Qbiotics.

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