Relissa, Berbevis, Anthocran Phytosome: Indena's hero products at Supply Side West 2023

Published: 23-Oct-2023

The company will be at the trade show in Las Vegas, at booth 5265

Relissa, Berbevis and Anthocran Phytosome, these are the products Indena will focus on during Supply Side West 2023

"We're happy to be here once again, taking our recent updates to one of the most important trade shows in the world for the nutraceutical industry and to a strategic market like the USA," says Francesca De Rensis, Marketing Director of Indena S.p.A.

"Our botanical ingredients are meant to help people take care of their health through prevention, lifestyle, and nutrition, and we keep working on research, quality, and innovation to provide our clients with excellent supplements. Moreover, we're proud to share with the Supply Side West 2023 visitors what we continuously do for sustainability, which is, for Indena, a concrete commitment for years. We are waiting for our stakeholders to continue discussing the most relevant topics in the world of nutraceuticals and the responsible approach to business."


Sleep is a critical part of our overall health, and the quality and quantity of our sleep are deeply connected to our mental and emotional well-being. Melissa officinalis is a member of the mint family, which has been known for centuries and used for various applications thanks to its calming and "anti-stress" action, promoting sleep and relaxation. Indena's Relissa is a new standardised botanical ingredient clinically validated as support for emotional and sleep health: a new way to balance mood and manage stress.

Based on the formulation of lemon balm extract from Melissa officinalis, it's standardised in hydroxycinnamic acids (17-23% by HPLC) and analysed for rosmarinic acid content. Relissa is formulated with Indena Phytosome technology, which optimizes its biological performance, turning a good ingredient (Melissa officinalis) into a great ingredient. Scientific evidence confirms that Relissa gives 24 hours of well-being, has good interaction with microbiota, has an enhanced effect on the physiological GABA pathway, is efficacious for radical scavenging, and has high tolerability. A complete presentation of the product will be done at the Supply Side West by Serena Tongiani, Chief Product Officer of Indena, on October 25th from 1:30-1:50 pm, Supply Side Stage, Booth 5670.


Berberine is a quaternary ammonium salt derived from isoquinoline alkaloids, and it is supported by solid scientific literature proving its health benefits in multifactorial conditions, including the support in controlling healthy blood levels. The genus Berberis represents the main natural source of berberine, and Berberis aristata DC is one of the most important species in the genus Berberis. Working on berberine, Indena developed Berbevis, a new and innovative Phytosome composition that optimises berberine bio absorption. This Phytosome composition includes both pea proteins, as a natural vegetable protein carrier, and a powerful, natural antioxidant such as grape seed extract to optimise the Berbevis tolerability profile.

Clinical evidence shows that Berbevis supplementation is the winning multi-target approach to metabolic health maintenance: it optimises insulin levels effectively and noticeably modulates the blood sugar profile, optimising both blood glycaemia and insulin. Moreover, a favourable safety profile was reported, with no major adverse events. All in all, Berbevis is a potent, natural health-food ingredient that might help blood sugar control in a plethora of multifactorial challenges, which represent one of the greatest global health challenges of our time.


Inflammation of the urinary tract and Candida albicans are widespread problems that mainly affect women. For this reason, the prolonged well-being of the female organism can be helped by natural ingredients. Anthocran Phytosome is Indena's cranberry extract, a health food ingredient based on Phytosome formulation proprietary technology. Anthocran Phytosome boasts a unique phytochemical characterization, which makes it the highest-quality cranberry extract on the market. It is standardised in proanthocyanidins and contains the full polyphenol profile of natural cranberries, including flavonols, anthocyanins, and phenolic acids. Phytosome formulation allows for optimisation of the bio absorption of phytonutrients and exploits cranberry's health benefits.

Recent studies have been carried out by Indena to verify that the complex mixture of proanthocyanidins (PACs), flavonols, and phenolic acids contained in Indena's cranberry extract seems to support the control of biofilm formation as in the case of Candida albicans. The clinical evidence shows that Indena's cranberry extract Phytosome is a valid supplement for the support of urinary tract health, with a good tolerability profile.


Despite their potential for promising health benefits, botanical and natural compounds often need to unlock their full power and overcome several obstacles that together lead to low oral bio absorption. Phytosome – a proprietary Technology Platform developed by Indena – is a multi-talented 100% food-grade delivery system that optimizes the performance of phytonutrients in multiple ways, allowing the exploitation of their power and health benefits. For many years, it has been the most reliable and customizable solution in the nutraceutical field.

Phytosome is formulated with natural dietary ingredients already existing in the human body (phospholipids) that act as vectors, dynamically reducing the self-aggregation of natural compounds. The resulting functional dispersion allows natural ingredients to interface efficiently with the gut's ecosystem in terms of bioabsorption and microbiota interactivity, and to be flexibly formulated in several dosage forms and tailor-made solutions. Phytosome optimises the biological and technological performances of natural compounds without relying on pharmacological adjuvants or the structural modification of ingredients, maintaining tolerability and safety over time.


Sustainability has been an approach to governance for Indena for many years. The company makes a major commitment to protecting nature, a source of inspiration but also of business, in innovating technology to address climate change and taking care of people as the real source of sustainable success.

There are five main global sustainability challenges that Indena constantly addresses, to guide its vision and plans: climate change, loss of biodiversity, waste, social vulnerability, and health.

Indena's main plant at Settala near Milan is run according to sustainability principles, starting from efficient energy management. As an example, Indena is equipping all its European sites with state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels. The total renewable energy self-production by 2023 will be 5,013,000 kWhours per year, equivalent to 2,340 tons of CO2 saved. In 2023, 67% of the energy used by Indena will be self-produced, of which almost 23% from renewable sources, and 5,177 tons of CO2 will be saved. All of Indena's European factories are certified according to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


Dr Serena Tongiani, Chief Product Officer of Indena, will talk about Relissa: "Keep calm, sleep well and live better with the help of nature." October 25th, 1:30-1:50 pm, Supply Side Stage, Booth 5670.

Visit Indena at Supply Side West 2023: Booth 5265, October 25th and 26th, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV Expo Hall.

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