Frutarom to launch Frutaceuticals

Published: 21-Sep-2017

Exciting formulations to deliver nutraceuticals naturally

Frutarom BU Health is pleased to announce the launch of “Frutaceuticals,” a new fruit-based delivery system combining great flavour enhanced with the benefits of Frutarom’s-branded health ingredients.

The fruit-based supplements will premiere at SupplySide West, Las Vegas, on 28-29 September at booth RR165.

The new nutrition delivery concept is based on URC (Ultra Rapid Concentration) technology from Taura Natural Ingredients (a Frutarom company) and Frutarom’s extensive expertise in bringing together taste and health to create a new form of supplement snack that will appeal to consumers suffering from “pill fatigue.”

According to New Hope Network, there is a growing trend in the US for new delivery systems for healthful ingredients.

In the US, two thirds of gummies (which began as a candy format) sold are as supplements taken by adults who do not want pills or capsules.

Pill and capsule alternatives, such as chewables, gummies, liquids, or powders accounted for $13.3 billion (34%) of the $38.8 billion supplement industry in 2015.

“Although gummies are popular, they can be perceived as unhealthful sometimes because of added sugar and gelatin,” says Maider Gutierrez, Director of Marketing for Frutarom Health.

“These real fruit pieces allow manufacturers to maintain cleaner labels by using simple ingredients that consumers trust. The new supplement snacks contain branded ingredients, including Neuravena, AB-Fortis and Portusana.

“Frutaceuticals” is made from real fruit and designed to deliver the taste, texture and goodness of true-fruit chews.

The fruit pieces, flakes, shapes and pastes are produced using Taura’s URC process to quickly evaporate moisture from heat-sensitive fruits and maintain the raw material’s integrity,” says Peter Dehasque, CEO of Taura. “The fully automated system creates stable products that do not need added sugar, bulking materials, or preservatives.”

Several Frutarom natural health ingredients were selected to be included in the new supplements.

“We focused on ingredients that answer today’s consumer demands for health and wellness, and that offer a solution to leading health concerns,” explains Gutierrez.

“Each ingredient is backed by proprietary science supporting its efficacy. It is a proven successful concept: innovative, natural, good-tasting products with verified health benefits.”

There is documented pill fatigue in the market, particularly among those of the Baby Boomer generation. Consumers, especially those already taking prescription medications, do not want to consume pills.

Although some pills don’t taste good, many are not easy to swallow. Today’s consumers prefer alternative delivery systems, even more so when those products are tasty and natural.

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