FrieslandCampina introduces Biotis SleepWell

Published: 1-Oct-2020

FrieslandCampina Ingredients has announced the launch of Biotis SleepWell, the first concept to be unveiled within the Brain Health Benefit Solutions of the company’s new Biotis brand

Falling asleep is no easy feat in today’s hectic world: up to 30% of consumers worldwide report regular sleep disturbance, an issue exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Wanting to avoid potentially habit-forming pharmaceutical interventions, but often viewing herbal remedies as unreliable, they are increasingly demanding natural solutions which are proven to be effective.

This, according to FrieslandCampina Ingredients, is where Biotis SleepWell comes in. Designed to be taken just before bedtime, it is a convenient beverage, shot or powder application that provides the body with the right combination of nutrients to improve sleep quality in three ways: by supporting falling asleep, sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed.

This is achieved thanks a unique formulation with Biotis GOS, or galacto-oligosaccharides, at its core. This prebiotic ingredient has a strong body of research behind it, demonstrating its ability to influence the balance of micro-organisms that make up the human microbiome.

The balance of gut microbiota has been shown to impact human health, both mental and physical, in diverse and significant ways. Now, FrieslandCampina Ingredients brings to market a new solution that demonstrates the benefits of GOS on sleep health in particular.

Biotis SleepWell combines Biotis GOS with protein-containing amino acids, such as tryptophan and cysteine, derived from milk protein, as well as complementary vitamins and minerals.

Together, this well-balanced solution targets several sleep and stress mechanisms at once. It helps people fall asleep, sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.

As such, Biotis SleepWell offers a natural, non-addictive solution that targets sleep in a holistic way via the gut-brain axis.

“We call Biotis a new era in ingredient science,” says Vicky Davies, Global Marketing Director, Performance, Active and Medical Nutrition, at FrieslandCampina Ingredients, “and we’re so excited about the potential of our premium galacto-oligosaccharides."

"This ingredient has a long-established presence in the infant nutrition space, and now it’s time for adults to experience the benefits of GOS, too. In June, we launched Biotis Gut Health, the first in the range and, during the next few months, new Biotis Health Benefit Solutions will reveal how GOS and our other key science-backed ingredients can be leveraged in unique combinations to support maternal health, immune health and more.”

“We continue to believe in and champion the power of science,” adds Jouke Veldman, who heads up the Biotis SleepWell team at FrieslandCampina Ingredients.

“Biotis Sleepwell has shown statistically significant improvements in sleep quality, both in several consumer trials and more recently in clinical trials, and there is even more research forthcoming.

It’s a uniquely multifaceted, versatile ingredient that represents what Biotis stands for as a whole: going one step further in developing solutions that expertly respond to both human health needs and consumer wellness preferences during the course of life.”

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