Azelis enters into distribution agreement with Gelita in France

Published: 4-Sep-2020

Azelis will be entrusted with the distribution activities for all gelatin products for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries in France

Gelita is a manufacturer of gelatin and collagen peptides for the food, health & nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. Gelatin is a safe, biocompatible and flavorless ingredient that is commonly used in food, medications and vitamin capsules.

Gelatin, a pure protein, is non-allergenic, naturally sourced and GMO-free.

The Azelis France Pharma team has gained Gelita’s trust thanks to its customer base, its complementary portfolio offerings and customer service.

Azelis’ large customer network within the pharmaceutical market segment will prove to be of great value whilst building business for Gelita’s gelatin portfolio, the company says.

Matthew Dickman, Market Segment Director for Pharma EMEA at Azelis, comments: “This new distribution agreement enables us to offer innovative, tailor-made solutions to the Azelis pharmaceutical markets in France. The Gelita gelatin product portfolio is very complementary with our current pharma product range in France, and we’re delighted to start providing it to our customers.”

Didier Peycelon, Sales Director Pharma Europe at Gelita, adds: “We chose Azelis to distribute our pharmaceutical gelatin products in France because their teams are highly qualified, skilled and professional.

“With a good knowledge of the market, great customer intimacy as well as their professional standards, Gelita will rely on Azelis as a new partner to develop our sales on the French market.”

With more than 60 application labs across the world, each dedicated to a market segment, Azelis can provide technical support to customers and suppliers.

Azelis Pharma has three labs located in the UK, Germany and in Canada, each of which provides formulation solutions and technical support to customers.

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