AOM: Upcycling since 2003 to offer the widest range of natural tocopherols, vitamin E, and sterols

Published: 24-Apr-2023

Located at stand number J32 AOM will be presenting its product range of natural ingredients at Vitafoods 2023

Nobody doubts that the depletion of natural resources has a worrying effect on our society. What in years past was seen as something possible but far away is now part of our reality, and there is no time to lose in making decisions that help us recover and protect our planet.

That was precisely the idea that gave birth to AOM. Not a single square metre of land is planted to obtain its raw materials, but AOM was born with the purpose of optimising the use of resources already exploited by essential food industries, while increasing the useful life of food and other products with natural solutions, and without generating waste that is harmful to the environment.

Thus, 20 years ago, AOM based its business model on what is now known as the upcycling concept, recovering a side-stream called DOD (Deodorisation Distillates), produced in the edible oil refining process, to extract and concentrate Tocopherols and Plant Sterols, natural molecules of great value for human and animal health. 

To better understand the optimisation of the value of this by-product, it should be explained that a significant percentage of the Tocopherols and Phytosterols contained in edible oils remain in this DOD, since the refining process does not allow them to be separated for use. This is where AOM comes in to extract that greater value from that discarded product, extracting and purifying these two ingredients that are so necessary, not only for the food industry, but also for cosmetics, animal feed and pharmaceuticals.

AOM hopes this idea of maximum use will stop being a trend and become a generalised fact, and will continue working to make a contribution.

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