Whole-cell algae consumption reduces gastrointestinal issues

Researchers from the University of California San Diego have published a study showing Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is beneficial for gastrointestinal health

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Study shows plant extracts outperform antibiotics against Lyme disease

A preclinical study in test tubes has shown that selected plant-based herbal medicines work better than doxycycline and ...

Walnut commission launches global campaign on plant-based omega 3

The California Walnut Commission have launched the “Power of 3” global marketing initiative

BetaVia delivers immune support for global health concerns

Superfood ingredient by Kemin is a natural substance full of potent microalgae beta-glucan

UK medical cannabis: Quality under scrutiny

Andrew James, Marketing Director of Ellutia, explains how chromatography can uncover the potency of a batch of cannabis ...

Innophos expands sports ingredient portfolio

The international producer of essential ingredients has released a clinically studied Terminalia arjuna aqueous extract

Euromed agrees upcycle deal for saw palmetto fruit extraction residues

Euromed has said that there hasn’t been much attention on the role of waste in growing, harvesting and post-harvest ...

Stevia innovations: From losing bitterness to modulating flavour

Saquib Ramday, Category Director at Tate & Lyle, discusses the evolution of stevia’s use from early formulations to ...

DuPont enters microbiome therapy collaboration with MRM Health

MRM has raised more than $15m to advance its clinical and preclinical development programmes

Study finds moringa seeds help desk worker symptoms

Taiyo has commissioned a study from the Ueno-Asagao Clinic in Japan that showed Moringa’s benefits for stress- and ...

Checklist for choosing a plant extract

UK-based Quest Nutra Pharma Group has advised looking beyond application to the plant source, extraction process, ...

Biohacking for a better body and mind

Multiple benefits in terms of performance, focus and well-being make natural astaxanthin a very promising nutrient for ...

Nutricosmetics: Sourcing from the inner circle

Isabelle Hamon and Aurélie De Schuyteneer of Laboratoire PYC discuss sourcing and formulating in the unique blended ...

Taiwanese probiotic specialist signs exclusive European distribution deal

Bened Biomedica has chosen Serbian Beopanaxan for exclusive distribution agreement for its “Second Brain” ...

Pycnogenol helps erectile dysfunction and diabetes through circulatory link

New research has shown that French maritime pine bark extract can improve the symptoms of ED and diabetes