Acquisition of Soya International gives AAK a foothold in speciality lecithin

The vegetable oils and fats specialist has acquired a majority stake in the non-GMO soy and organic lecithin producer

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PB2 Foods adds peanut powder to functional foods

The peanut powder contains prebiotics and probiotics with less calories than standard powder

Innovcare Lifesciences receives $6.4m for new therapeutic areas

The company’s focus is on strengthening and expanding the nutraceutical portfolio, especially for chronic ailments

Rousselot reveals Peptan collagen peptides and bone study results

A new study led by Rousselot and INRA presents scientific evidence that Peptan collagen peptides improve overall bone ...

Healthy movements in joint health

Joint health supplementation is becoming an increasingly sought-after commodity for consumers both young and old, ...

ZBiotics releases first GMO probiotic

The probiotic bacteria has been designed by the San Francisco startup to break down acetaldehyde, an unwanted byproduct ...

CEO Scott Maguire: Cannaray prepares to lead the European cannabis market

The London-based company has closed a £7.8 million funding round and acquired Therismos, the holder of licences to ...

Change, claims and consumer trends

Dr Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director at Taiyo, describes the challenging task of developing nutritional concepts that ...

Vegan vitamin manufacturer Holier enters the market

New company has been founded in the US by Lisa Gonzalez-Turner

Nexira is fully operational in India

The French food and ingredients company can now supply large quantities of spray-dried gum acacia to customers in the ...

Sunflower extract demonstrates dual activity on weight management and blood lipids

An innovative sunflower extract has been clinically proven to offer weight loss and lipid profile benefits during a 12- ...

From little acorns do great supplements grow

An oak extract has been shown to enhance the body’s protein building capacity and increase energy levels

Using IP to secure opportunities in the budding medical cannabis sector

The opportunities for innovation in medical cannabis dovetails with the opportunity to obtain patent protection for the ...

German DMK Group fully takes over whey and lactose joint venture

UK-based Volac has sold its stake in DV Nutrition that will continue to operate at its existing site in the Netherlands

USDA approves Cargill canola oil cultivation after deregulation

Canola oil will be used as a sustainable plant-based source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids for aquafeed