Bimuno GOS reaches new 120-publication milestone

Published: 17-Apr-2024

The prebiotic has over 20 clinical studies backing its efficacy in fortifying gastrointestinal health, immunity and athletic health

Clasado Biosciences has revealed that its multi award-winning prebiotic ingredient, Bimuno GOS, has now surpassed the landmark of 120 scientific publications.

Available to formulators around the world both through Clasado and from a multinational network of distributors, Bimuno GOS is the most scientifically backed prebiotic galactooligosaccharide in the market. 

It’s suitable for use in a wide range of nutraceutical and functional food and beverage products targeting areas such as gastrointestinal health, immune support and athletic health.

Notably, the latest study taking Bimuno GOS over its latest threshold is a new synbiotic study, conducted in collaboration with Probi AB. 

The study explored the synbiotic potential of Bimuno GOS when combined with two well established probiotics, which demonstrated one of the first verified synergistic effects in a commercially available synbiotic concept. 

Dr Lucien Harthoorn, R&D Director at Clasado, commented: “As consumer interest in the gut microbiome has evolved and developed, so have we. Now, we celebrate another step forward in the scientific journey of Bimuno GOS. What was already the most studied ingredient of its kind is now in an even stronger proposition for health brands and their formulators.”

Bimuno GOS selectively nourishes bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli – ‘good’ bacteria in the gut microbiome that are associated with several important host health areas. 



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