Exploring synbiotics as the future of the biotics category

Published: 15-Jan-2024

On the grand stage of health and well-being, the gut has now taken the spotlight. Consumers are increasingly recognising the pivotal role that “biotics” play in overall wellness and are fuelling demand for innovative solutions that target a better-supported gut microbiome

As we look to the established probiotic and rapidly emerging prebiotic categories, a rising star can be seen in synbiotics. Able to target proactive consumer needs with clinically backed ingredients, the time for health and nutrition formulators to explore the market potential of synbiotics is now.

The gut microbiome, the thriving community of trillions of micro-organisms within the digestive tract, is a subject of extensive research and fascination; certain bacteria within this community have now been identified for their positive influence on host health.

These benefits extend beyond the gastrointestinal tract to impact areas such as immune and cognitive health. Prebiotics and probiotics are two of the most central ways for nutrition formulators to address gut health and, today, synbiotics offer further innovation and market opportunity.

The latest addition to the biotics category, synbiotics are primarily a combination of prebiotic and probiotic components in one delivery method. Furthermore, the definition of a synbiotic could broaden to include other microbiome modulation ingredients, such as postbiotics.

Exploring synbiotics as the future of the biotics category

The appeal of synbiotics lies in their convenient yet multifaceted potential to address specific health challenges by targeting the proliferation of “good” gut bacteria.

The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) defines two subsets of synbiotics: synergistic and complementary. Synergistic synbiotics involve the selective nourishment of live probiotic bacteria by coadministered prebiotic substrates.

By contrast, complementary synbiotics see the components working independently to bring about various health benefits for the host.

In today’s highly competitive health and wellness market, consumer trust is hard to win and easy to lose. We’re in a market wherein evidence-based decision making is central … and synbiotics stand out for their potential to include multiple scientifically substantiated ingredients into one standalone application. 

The extent to which synbiotics are resonating with health audiences is undeniable. Statistics include a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% until 2028, according to market research firm Mordor Intelligence. The rapid expansion of the market belies how new the category is. Businesses are breaking new ground and, with it, comes many opportunities to be first to market. 

At Clasado Biosciences, notes CEO Per Rehné,  we’re very proud of having the most scientifically backed commercially available galacto-oligosaccharide in Bimuno GOS.

With this in hand, we want to propel the biotic industry further than ever before. This is achieved by collaboration in our industry, such as the recent partnership with Swedish probiotic specialist, Probi AB. 

By leveraging expertise in both prebiotics and probiotics, the partnership aims to make synbiotics more accessible and elevate the category.

The result is two predesigned combinations that are supported by a wealth of scientific research and provide both formulators and brands with a credible and powerful solution to tap into the growing gut health market.

The synbiotic combinations codeveloped with Probi showcase the potential of combining expertise from two science-focused biotic companies, and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.

The scientifically backed synbiotic concepts, Bimuno GOS and Probi Defendum, and Bimuno GOS and Probi Digestis, offer targeted health benefits for different product applications. These combinations highlight the power of synbiotics to enhance both immune and digestive health, respectively. 

The combinations we have developed truly move the needle in terms of clinical study. Bimuno GOS is supported by more than 110 publications and in excess of 20 clinical trials, whereas Probi Digestis and Probi Defendum boast more than 250 publications, including 80-plus clinical trials.

As consumer awareness of gut health grows, synbiotics with their scientific backing and versatile approach, are well-poised to revolutionise health strategies.

Formulators seek powerful tools to create future-ready supplement products that promote better gut health and overall wellness, and our proven synbiotic combinations more than deliver.

The message for the wider health category is clear; we’re in an exciting era of discovery and synbiotics offer a clear opportunity for consumer-driven formulation.

However, as we navigate the future of the synbiotics category, it's crucial to emphasise the importance of comprehensive scientific evidence.

To truly connect with the needs of a proactive health audience, synbiotics must be grounded in research to ensure that consumer trust is rewarded and maintained.

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