WEBINAR: ImprovD3 - How this vitamin D activator can be your new immunity boosting solution?

Published: 28-Nov-2023

In an era where prioritising wellness has taken centre stage, the significance of a robust immune system cannot be emphasised enough. Preserving our health is important, and at the core of our body's intricate defense mechanism lies the immune system

At the heart of this immunity narrative lies Vitamin D, often hailed as the sunshine vitamin, synthesised by the body in response to sunlight exposure.

Today, we stand at the intersection of science and well-being, ready to explore your new immunity-boosting solution by introducing ImprovD3™: a synergistic patent-pending dietary formula that associates validated and pending EFSA claims.

Market: EUROPE
Date: 14 DECEMBER 2023
Time: 10:30 am (UTC+1)

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the mechanism of action of vitamin D to develop an effective formula for immunity
  • Explore why vitamin D and green tea are the primary choices for an immunity formulation
  • Discover why ImprovD3™ stands out as an innovative solution for immunity

Presented by Activ'Inside's experts, this webinar will unravel the science behind the synergistic pairing of Vitamin D3 and green tea extract and why this vitamin D activator can be your new immunity boosting solution.


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