Activ’Inside exhibit premium formulas and ready-for-market nutraceutical solutions at Vitafoods

Published: 29-Apr-2024

The company will present premium ingredient solutions that promote joint and skin health

Activ’Inside, a French nutraceutical ingredients company with two integral divisions: Activ'Inside Ingredients and Activ'Inside Manufacturing, is gearing up for Vitafoods 2024. 

The conglomerate will showcase its latest premium formulas, nutricosmetic expertise and customisable one-stop-shop contract manufacturing service at booth #N110 during Vitafoods 2024 (14 – 16 May 2024).


Promoting healthy joints

AiFlex’inside marks a breakthrough in joint care solutions, formulated with a patented saffron and meadowsweet extract, as well as vitamin C. Supported by a proprietary clinical ex vivo study, the patented saffron extract has shown notable results in reducing inflammation. 

Additionally, in a rheumatologist-supervised real-life study involving 50 athletes and 50 seniors, AiFlex’inside demonstrated a significant decrease in discomfort. 

With 8 out of 10 consumers perceiving it as more efficient and rapid in action compared to other joint products, AiFlex’inside emerges as a supplement to alleviate joint discomfort, thus catering to diverse demographics, notably athletes and seniors.


Elevating nutricosmetic expertise

In addition to its formulas, Activ'Inside will showcase its nutricosmetic prowess with SkinAx² — a vegan collagen booster — and Belight 3, an anti-dark spots formula. 

Patented with proven mechanisms of action, clinically tested and consumer-approved, these solutions utilise botanical extracts to enhance skin health and vitality, offering consumers a comprehensive approach to beauty from within.


Formulation expertise

The company will also spotlight the recently upgraded Activ'Inside Fast Track Formulation, a patent-pending tool designed to formulate food supplements swiftly while considering scientific, regulatory, and technical factors. The latest version contains an expanded database, allowing the streamlining of dietary supplement formulation.


Private labelling and ready-for-market solutions

Furthermore, within Activ’Inside Manufacturing, the company will unveil its private labelling services, which can be personalised.

The service will cater to a spectrum of market demands through three specialised ranges. Particularly, the spotlight will shine on the premium range, which features the incorporation of Activ’Inside’s own branded and patented ingredients and formulations. 

Backed by science, these formulations guarantee EU regulatory compliance and earn strong consumer approval.

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