Specializing in the development of nutraceutical ingredients, Activ’Inside is a French biotech company that prioritizes supplying the food supplement industry with active botanical extracts that work.

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Science- and customer-driven, under Activ’Inside Ingredient, the company provides deep insight into its raw materials, offering its clients the richest source of active molecules with the highest scientific standards.

An independent B2B nutraceutical company, the group now offers the health supplement industry an extension of its nutraceutical expertise under Activ’Inside Manufacturing – a single point contact contract manufacturing service. As a company that thinks B2C with a B2B execution, Activ’Inside is your one-stop-shop in providing you a full, reliable and economical 360° contract manufacturing service - all while incorporating our research and scientific expertise.

Through Activ’Inside Ingredient and Activ’Inside Manufacturing respectively, our objective is to deliver high-quality and science-backed ingredients and food supplements to the nutraceutical market.

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