The digital solution to formulating food supplements by Activ'Inside

Published: 4-Apr-2024

The upgrade enhances the digital tool's capability to facilitate supplement development

The journey of formulating a new dietary supplement can often be arduous and time consuming, involving meticulous attention to scientific, regulatory and technical factors. 

In response to these tasks, Activ’Inside, a French health-tech and active plant ingredients specialist, introduced the Activ'Inside Fast Track Formulation. The patent-pending tool allows the formulation of food supplements in less than 15 minutes by considering scientific, regulatory and technical constraints. 


From concept to market in minutes

By integrating scientific, regulatory and technical parameters, the platform provided a holistic approach to formulation, ensuring compliance with legal constraints while meeting consumer needs.

Its user-friendly interface and data-driven algorithms enabled manufacturers to expedite product development without compromising on quality or efficacy.


Enhancing efficiency: Fast Track Formulation 2.1

Building upon the success of its predecessor, Activ'Inside is proud to announce the upgrade of the Activ'Inside Fast Track Formulation 2.1, an upgraded version poised to revolutionise the food supplement formulation once again. 

The hallmark features of this latest iteration are the addition of dosage form formulations and expanded database.


What can you get from this upgrade?

  • Automated dose calculation: One notable progress in the Fast Track Formulation 2.1 involves the incorporation of an algorithm that automatically computes doses according to ingredient specifications and usage conditions. 
  • Expanded database: The platform database has now been expanded, doubling the number of available plants and claims. With around 500 EFSA pending claims and their French equivalents, users have access to a comprehensive repository of scientifically validated assertions, facilitating informed decision-making during formulation.
  • Powered by proprietary science: Fast Track Formulation 2.1 continues to leverage proprietary science and evidence-based research conducted in-house by Activ'Inside.

In summary, the upgraded Fast Track Formulation 2.1 represents a significant leap forward in the quest to streamline dietary supplement formulation. By incorporating dosage form calculations and expanding its database, Activ'Inside has reaffirmed its commitment to empowering manufacturers with cutting-edge tools and technologies.


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