Vitux AS and SFI Health join forces to support even more children diagnosed with ADHD

Published: 25-May-2022

Equazen Pro featuring compliance-boosting ConCordix Smart Chew technology launches in CVS

ConCordix Smart Chews, the natural melt-in-your-mouth format with tremendous capacity, is making it possible for SFI Health to add kid-friendly chewables to its Equazen Pro medical food for ADHD support in kids and teens. This news comes as SFI Health prepares to launch Equazen® Pro, which is also offered as a softgel, at 4,200-plus CVS locations throughout the US.

“Equazen Pro is the first mass market product to feature Smart Chews, which will appear on label as natural fruit-flavoured Jelly Chews,” says Vitux AS Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Marc Van Maris. “We are particularly proud to be entering CVS in conjunction with SFI Health because both of our organisations are built on evidence-based science and intent on raising the standards in our respective categories.”

With their unique jelly-like matrix, ConCordix Smart Chews are already well proven in the natural products industry. In addition to their large capacity, they have gained fast acceptance for their enhanced bioavailability; clean label (they are free of synthetic colors and common allergens, contain fish, and are non-GMO with no added sugar); and single-serving blister packs that preserve freshness and odour transfer.

ConCordix technology is designed to mirror the way we eat food, which includes chewing, swallowing and digesting. It delivers tiny oily droplets of nutrition stabilized in an emulsion, similar to how fatty acids are stored in fish. These tiny droplets increase contact surface in the digestive system, increasing absorption and bioavailability.

Smart Chews are a novel, fun way to deliver the nutritional support of Equazen Pro

Backed by 15 years of research and 19 published clinical trials, Equazen® Pro is well established in Europe. It is designed to address fatty acid deficiencies common in people with ADHD and some related neurodiverse conditions that cannot be resolved by normal diet modifications alone. Used under medical supervision, this clinically validated formula contains 1700mg of omega fatty acids per serving to support focus, attention and a balanced mood.*

“We are excited to step into the chewable category with Equazen® Pro Jelly Chews because they carry a clinically relevant dosage, which was not possible with gummies. With their natural fruit flavor and no fishy smell, taste or burps, Jelly Chews will improve compliance among children who have difficulties swallowing softgels,” comments SFI Health, Americas General Manager Divya Ramakrishnan.

Adds Van Maris, “Everyone tends to be surprised when they first experience this new delivery technology. You can read about it and research it, but until you try a sample for yourself, you won’t understand why ConCordix Smart Chews are so readily accepted.”

US market research conducted among 38 American families (caretakers and their children ages 4 through 12) found that Smart Chews had a 99% compliance rate and zero drop-outs for recommended daily servings. Researchers also found that Smart Chews score high among adults on intent to buy and intent to recommend.

In addition to Equazen® Pro Jelly Chews, ConCordix Smart Chews are available in a growing list of formulas including omega-3s and multivitamins, immune and vision health. “Much as we are doing with SFI Health, Vitux AS is eager to help other companies expand their product lines and to create health and wellness together,” says Van Maris.

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