Univar Solutions named exclusive distributor for Biospringer yeast ingredients in the Nordics

Published: 13-Nov-2023

New agreement diversifies Univar Solutions' specialty food ingredients portfolio with the addition of natural yeast ingredients and establishes Univar Solutions as Biospringer's primary distributor in the Nordics

Univar Solutions, a leading global solutions provider to users of specialty ingredients and chemicals, announces an agreement with Biospringer by Lesaffre (Biospringer) to distribute its natural yeast ingredients in the European Nordics region.

The agreement comprises Biospringer's Springer Reveal, Springer Signature, Springer Proteissimo, Springer Cocoon, Springer Precursor, Springer Mask and Springer Umami ingredient brands.

"Working in tandem with Biospringer, we can offer yeast ingredients to customers who are seeking to elevate their products with richness, improved taste and mouthfeel, while reducing sugar and sodium," said Kevin Hack, Global Vice President of Food Ingredients for Univar Solutions.

"Biospringer is a key global player in fermentation and produces a wide range of natural yeast ingredients. We're very excited with this new partnership and leveraging our combined expertise in food ingredient solutions to help customers realise the benefits of using natural yeast ingredients to meet current market trends." 

From specialty ingredient innovation to recipe testing, food brands of all sizes turn to Foodology by Univar Solutions for help with tackling product development challenges.

In-house scientists refresh and develop formulas to enhance the efficacy of products through its food Solution Centers and test kitchens.

With strong expertise in food formulation through their Culinary Center near Paris, France, Biospringer also supports customers with customised food and beverage recipes and solutions using yeast-based ingredients.

"Biospringer is pleased to begin an exclusive new distribution partnership with Univar Solutions in these European Nordic countries," said Nicolas Valentin, Sales Director – EMEA for Biospringer.

"Univar Solutions has shown its deep commitment to the global food ingredients industry by creating its specialised, dedicated and experienced team of food ingredient specialists focused on ingredients and innovations."

"The sharing of expertise, constructive exchanges and collaborative spirit will be the winning recipe that enables us to build a solid partnership between Biospringer and Univar Solutions."

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Natural yeast ingredients are used in plant-based meat, cheese, soups, sauces, dressings, and other applications to deliver specific notes, such as roast chicken and grilled, meaty flavours to vegan recipes.

This addition to Univar Solutions' portfolio will support formulations for food products considered clean label, healthy, vegan and vegetarian, reduced salt and sugar, sustainable and other food trends.

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