Two IFF health ingredients certified by Upcycled Certified programme

Published: 18-Jul-2022

As consumers increasingly search for products that align with their values, they turn to certification programmes – such as, Upcycled Food Association’s “Upcycled Certified Program” — to validate that their purchases are ecofriendly

After undergoing a lengthy evaluation and approval process, two IFF Health ingredients — Go-Less Men and SoyLife Complex — have been certified by the Program.

To receive this certification, ingredients must contain at least 95% of materials from surplus food or food by-products from manufacturing, using verifiable supply chains and having a positive impact on the environment.

“With 30% of food wasted globally, we’re working diligently to reduce food waste and provide customers with ecofriendly health ingredients that also meet market demand,” said Stephanie Udell, Global Marketing Leader, IFF.

“Utilising the Program’s certified ingredients is a simple and effective way for brand owners to ensure their products are doing more good for the environment, while standing out from competitors.”

IFF’s Go-Less Men is an oil-free extract sourced from 100% styrian pumpkin seeds for urinary support. IFF’s SoyLife Complex is a nutrient-rich, holistic product which supports bone and cardiovascular health, and is produced exclusively from soy germs not utilised in soy-milk production.

“IFF is a long-devoted advocate for upcycling, as part of its dedication to circular design and minimising food waste,” Udell said.

“In achieving the Program’s certification, we reinforce our commitment to providing customers clean-label health solutions, enabling transparency around ingredient sourcing, while helping customers achieve their own sustainability goals."

"The certification also highlights IFF’s commitment to offering sustainable ingredients, using renewable energy and minimal natural resources.”

As the demand for sustainable products increases, IFF continues to reassess applications for side-stream materials from manufacturing, food waste-reduction and new upcycled ingredients.

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