TruOliv production gets new carbon neutral seal

Published: 21-Jul-2022

Dolcas Biotech unveils new beadlet liquid encapsulation for its TruOliv organic olive leaf and fruit extract

Dolcas Biotech’s desert-grown TruOliv organic olive leaf and fruit extract has been newly minted with Zero-Carbon certification.

The new seal endorses the company’s commitment to environmental welfare as Dolcas unveils the new liquid beadlet encapsulation formulation for its prized olive extract.

The new label asserts compliance with PAS-2060 — the only internationally recognised certification for organisational carbon neutrality. Formulated in a carbon-neutral facility in Morocco, TruOliv’s raw material is sourced from the Moroccan desert’s olive groves, located in the pristine foothills of the Atlas Mountains.

This part of the Saharan region produces some of the world’s most highly valued and immaculately cultivated olive oil olives, as well as fruit-and-leaf, full-spectrum olive extracts.

Sun scorched and potent

The intensely hot, rocky arid environment in which the olive trees grow naturally enriches their fruits, leaves, and stems with a unique profile of polyphenols. This eliminates the need to use solvent systems or apply heat traditionally used in potentiating the highly venerated olive fruit and leaf derived antioxidants, specifically hydroxytyrosol and oleuropin.

The extreme climate conditions naturally optimise water utilisation within the trees’ root systems, inducing the polyphenol-producing enzymes into activation.

“Protecting the environment is not just about reducing the impact of emissions,” asserts Dr Shavon Jackson-Michel, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs for Dolcas Biotech. “It also involves restoring the land and empowering rural communities — especially in low socioeconomic zones—to instil a sense of pride and self-sufficiency.”

Some of the regenerative systems employed in the production of TruOliv include recently installed drip-irrigation systems that avert unnecessary loss of water.

There also is the continuous planting of extensive olive groves to resist further desertification in Morocco.

The company further operates a circular economy system, whereby the olive extract side stream (pits and branches) is upcycled into smoke-free charcoal briquettes to be used for barbequing, dental preparations, and other horticultural practices.

TruOliv gets a makeover

Already bearing USDA and EU Organic certifications, TruOliv has recently undergone a makeover with the debut of its beadlet liquid-encapsulated product. With this new format, the microencapsulated actives float through an oil-filled capsule, simulating the appearance of a lava lamp.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the beadlets formatting effectively minimizes capsule loads for more compact delivery of powdered extracts, making this attractive supplement easy to swallow and with enhanced bioavailability. The beadlets are wrapped in a sustained release coating for slow timed release of the actives.

Hydroxytyrosol, found exclusively in olives and red wine, is a potent antioxidant valued for its diverse activity. This primary olive active has been referenced by EFSA for its role in reducing LDL-oxidation, supporting lipid metabolism, and protecting cells from oxidative damage.

One 250 mg TruOliv capsule can accommodate 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol, the minimum daily dose recommended by EFSA for supporting optimal cardiovascular function and blood cholesterol.

The beadlets are suspended in a potent culinary olive oil, sourced from the same Moroccan desert groves, and harnessing a potent dose of polyphenols delivered in the monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) matrix native to olives.

“The Mediterranean diet, long considered a gold standard for supporting heart health, centres on the consumption of olive oil,” notes Jackson-Michel.

“With more than 100 years of collective olive cultivation expertise, spanning four generations of olive growers, TruOliv is unmatched in its delivery of a full-spectrum, clinically studied, naturally enriched, and regeneratively farmed polyphenol extract.”

The TruOliv beadlet format will be offered alongside the existing encapsulated powdered formula and will be available both in the oil carrier or without. The raw material and capsule varieties will be commercialised in bulk, as well as on a turnkey private label basis.

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