SternVitamin introduces premixes for mental performance

Published: 8-Mar-2022

B-vitamins, adaptogens and select extracts, among other micronutrients, are formulated in the concepts to promote positive effects from increased focus to higher quality sleep

SternVitamin has developed several micronutrient premix concepts designed to support cognitive performance and mental well-being. According to the company, the premixes relieve stress and improve brain function while reducing the negative effects of stress. 

Vitamin-mineral supplements with mental health claims reportedly grew 23% annually from 2017 to 2021. For fortified products with health claims regarding brain performance, the annual growth during the same period was 38%. These premix concepts are designed to help manufacturers of food supplements, foods and beverages profit from these growing market segments. The product range includes SternMind, SternFocus, PureVITalizer, SternDe-Stress and Relax, and SternSomnia Quality.

“With B-vitamins and L-theanine, SternMind helps reduce the symptoms of mental stress, fear and tension, and soothes nervousness. It also improves clear thinking, mental endurance and concentration in situations of limited performance,” said Dr Christina Mesch, Product Manager, SternVitamin.

SternFocus is designed to support mental and cognitive performance with the help of selected micronutrients, L-tyrosine and Bacopa monnieri. The company claims the ingredient strengthens stress resistance and supports the nervous system with the aid of B-vitamins and the adaptogen Rhodiola rosea. The blueberry extract it contains counteracts the stress-induced production of reactive oxygen species. The B-vitamins, vitamin C, iodine and green tea extract in PureVITalizer likewise support mental energy and improve cognitive functions, the company says, while the Panax ginseng and natural caffeine it contains reduce stress and mental fatigue.

“Sufficient healthy sleep is elementary for overall well-being, so we added two concepts to our new line of premixes for mental well-being. These products focus on sleep onset and duration,” said Dr Mesch.

SternSomnia Quality aims to aid healthy sleep. It contains magnesium, zinc, L-theanine, ashwagandha and vitamin B1, supporting sleep quality and onset while reducing waking in the night, and is equally suitable for athletes, stressed people, seniors, students, professionals and parents. The ‘Duration’ variant, containing magnesium, zinc, calcium and selenium, is designed to help people sleep through the night.

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