New opportunities with micronutrient premixes

Published: 22-Sep-2022

Sports nutrition fortified with vitamins and minerals showed an average growth of 32% over the past five years and instant powders are the most popular format

Around the world, people are paying more attention to a healthier diet and a more active lifestyle. Sport is no longer just about building muscle or losing weight, it is the basis for holistic health. This creates new expectations and opportunities for the sports nutrition market. Consumers are looking for products that support their individual performance and active lifestyle goals. This new target group, referred to as active nutrition consumers, looks for added health benefits when choosing sports nutrition products. SternVitamin has developed four new micronutrient premises that address different needs.

According to Innova Market Insights, sports nutrition fortified with vitamins and minerals showed an average growth of 32% over the past five years. Instant powders are the most popular format, followed by sports drinks and bars. The new premix solutions by SternVitamin are developed for use in drink powders and can be adapted to any application.

The most used micronutrient in sports nutrition is vitamin B 6, which is essential for the energy-yielding metabolism. The active form of this B vitamin, pyridoxal phosphate, plays an important role in the functioning of the heart, immune system, nervous system, and psyche. SternVitamin combines this micronutrient with further functional ingredients like amino acids and plant extracts, as well as selected vitamins and minerals, to address exercise-related needs.

SternEnergize: Potential for pre-workout products

SternEnergize is ideal for products consumed before sport to prevent fatigue and maintain alertness and physical performance. In addition to vitamins and minerals, this premix also contains branched-chain amino acids, l-taurine, l-citrulline, l-arginine and natural caffeine. It’s the perfect premix for products that target athletes and weekend warriors and help them prepare for workouts.

SternRecovery: Regeneration after the workout

This premix supplies micronutrients for products that help with post-workout regeneration. It contains essential amino acids and creatine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. In addition, pomegranate juice powder, magnesium, and l-citrulline reduce muscle soreness. L-theanine from green tea soothes the mind, while beta-glucan from yeast supports the gut immune system. Finally, electrolytes compensate for mineral losses through perspiration.

SternActive: Ideal micronutrient combination for active women

This premix for drink powders provides functional ingredients for women with an active lifestyle who want to optimize their health. Vitamin D 3 , folic acid, iron and calcium compensate for common micronutrient deficiencies in women. B-vitamins, vitamin C and zinc promote mental energy, while green tea supports gut health. In addition, the premix
contains minerals to restore the body’s electrolyte balance.

SternGaming: Maximum focus for gamers

eGamers are a special target group, for whom health is becoming increasingly important. With SternGaming, SternVitamin has developed a premix for nutritional supplements that boost performance and reduce stress. It contains micronutrients, natural caffeine, l- theanine and ashwagandha.

With all four premixes, EU health claims can be used to advertise the health-related benefits on the final product. This lets manufacturers address the growing target group of active nutrition consumers. According to Innova Market Insights, the claims most used in sports nutrition relate to energy, immune health and mental health. The new premises from SternVitamin create additional value here.

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