Research into seaweed extracts fast-tracked

Published: 6-May-2022

Australian biotechnology company Marinova has announced two major research projects involving its unique seaweed extracts

Marinova is the global leader in the research and production of high purity fucoidan extracts. Fucoidans are a group of natural compounds derived from particular species of brown seaweeds.

High purity fucoidan extracts are increasingly receiving attention for their wide range of potential bioactive properties. The first research project focusses on the chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract, eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE).

Despite the growing global prevalence of EoE, the diagnosis, treatment and management of the disease remains challenging. The human clinical trial being undertaken by Marinova will explore the effectiveness of high purity fucoidans in alleviating the symptoms of EoE.

The second research project will build on Marinova’s existing dossier of scientific evidence relating to fucoidans and healthy ageing. The project includes investigations into a range of natural ageing and accelerated ageing processes.

The project will also extend into studies exploring the potential protective roles of high purity fucoidans when administered alongside common chemotherapeutics.

The two research projects received grant funding from the Australian Government through the Marine Bioproducts Co-Operative Research Centre (MB-CRC) — a $270 million decade-long R&D programme involving the country’s most innovative marine bioproducts researchers.

The MB-CRC has been established to supercharge Australia’s next generation of marine bioindustries to meet rapidly growing global demand for sustainable, algal-derived products including plant-based proteins, nutraceuticals, omega-3 oils, cosmetics, agrochemicals, bioplastics and more.

“Marinova is proud to be a part of this innovative Australian consortium of industry, government and academic partners,” said company CEO and Managing Director, Mr Paul Garrott.

“We are delighted that the programme can fast-track a number of very significant research projects that we have planned for our unique fucoidan extracts,” continued Mr Garrott. Australia’s rapidly growing marine biotech industry is supported by the world’s third largest marine area. Current estimates suggest the country’s high-quality marine bioproducts are on track to reach $1 billion turnover by 2030.

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