NutriScience and Arjuna launch high potency ashwagandha extract

Published: 16-Aug-2019

Shoden is available as a powder standardised to 35% Withanolide Glycosides

NutriScience Innovations and Arjuna Natural have introduced a high potency ashwagandha extract on the market – Shoden. The herb extract is available as a powder standardised to 35% Withanolide Glycosides, with a recommended dose of 120 mg.

Shoden has been studied in 3 clinical trials that have been completed and 2 more are in progress. Significant increases in testosterone in men, reductions in cortisol levels, and improvements in non-restorative sleep have been demonstrated in the trials. Ongoing trials are related to endurance and immune support.

Shoden has a full spectrum of known and newly identified withanolide glycoside bioflavonoids as analysed by HPLC (High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography) and other methods, not seen in other ashwagandha extracts.

Bioavailability studies show that Shoden withanolides remain in the blood even at 24 hours, for full-day effects.

The market for ashwagandha is exploding and Shoden is being introduced at a perfect time to meet strong consumer demand for this incredible Ayurvedic herb. Shoden combines Indian Ayurvedic tradition with modern science and is developed and manufactured by Arjuna. The ingredient is now available in the US exclusively from NutriScience.

Benny Antony, Jt Managing Director at Arjuna, said: “Arjuna is working on multiple aspects of Shoden – the clinical and scientific studies, new analytical developments, and GMP manufacturing.”

Michael Lelah, Chief Science Officer at NutriScience, said: “Shoden has all the pieces for a prized dietary ingredient – low dose, demonstrated potency, full-spectrum analysis, high manufacturing quality, no safety or regulatory concerns, patented, clean label. Easy for formulating in a stand-alone product or in combination with other ingredients for a wide spectrum of product claims”.

NutriScience and Arjuna have partnered together to bring the best of both companies to support Shoden.

Alan Yengoyan, Chief Executive Officer at NutriScience said: “I am very excited to partner with Arjuna on Shoden. Both companies share the same vision of bringing new innovations backed by science, like Shoden, to the benefit of consumers and the customers we serve.”

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