Arjuna Natural: inspired and committed to nature

Published: 21-Apr-2023

Arjuna Natural (Arjuna) is an innovative, science-driven natural solution provider that aims to positively impact health and well-being across the globe

A pioneer and leader in this field, formed more than three decades ago, Arjuna has established a firm foothold in botanically derived and clinically backed extracts.

With products sold in more than 60 countries, Arjuna’s relentless focus on quality, safety, efficiency and efficacy has made it the preferred solution provider to the fast-growing field of natural nutraceuticals.

A focused approach to innovation and research
Arjuna was one of the first organisations to recognise the need for a focused approach to innovation and research in the nascent field of natural nutraceutical solutions at a time when synthetic alternatives ruled the roost.

Today, the dedicated Arjuna Innovation Centre (AIC) boasts more than 40 qualified researchers, advanced analytical and research equipment, and facilities for both preclinical and clinical studies.

Arjuna’s innovative products are not just designed to work, they’re also gentle on the environment. Researchers at AIC investigate the end-to-end sustainability of processes from raw material to use before scaling-up to commercial production.

Arjuna Natural: inspired and committed to nature

The integrated platform that AIC provides — along with full control of procurement and manufacturing — also helps formulators and technologists worldwide to create innovative solutions.

Sustainable practices
Arjuna had embarked on the sustainability journey long before it was widely recognised as crucial. Driven by the founder’s personal passion for nature and a deep sense of social commitment, Arjuna became the first manufacturer to produce a turmeric extract using only solar power.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of natural curcumin, this has contributed substantially to a more sustainable future. Arjuna has constantly invested in process and product improvements to reduce the organisation’s resource footprint.

For example, continuous improvements have led to a substantial decrease in the consumption of energy, water and raw materials. Arjuna has started the next phase of its journey by committing to benchmark and improve this record by partnering with Ecovadis, the largest collaborative platform in the world to share sustainability performance information.

Achieving a good score in the first year has enabled Arjuna to prioritise areas of improvement and aim for full certification.

Natural ingredients that offer more
An organisation with strong roots, Arjuna is known for products that transform society; it was the first company to develop a 100% natural and absorbable turmeric extract (bioavailable curcumin) that remains the leader in the space to this day.

True to its DNA of innovation and research, BCM-95, Arjuna’s flagship product remains the world’s most researched bioavailable turmeric extract and has revolutionised the health of millions of consumers worldwide.

Furthermore, Arjuna’s Rhuleave-k has transformed the management of post-exertion sore muscle discomfort with a natural solution that acts in minutes and hours instead of days.

Powered by Arjuna’s SPEEDTECH technology, this has helped millions across the globe — especially those who are unable to access more traditional fast-acting solutions. Equally innovative is Shoden, Arjuna’s high potency ashwagandha extract.

Unique in terms of its high potency, low dosage effectiveness, safety studies and fully transparent standardisation, Shoden is the fastest growing ingredient within the rapidly expanding herbal extract space.

Similarly, Arjuna’s Oxystorm, the first extract of Amaranthus standardised to nitrates, has revolutionised both sports nutrition and cardiovascular health management.

Safe and with a high concentration of active ingredient, it’s helped formulators to design safe and effective solutions. It’s also a finalist in the 2023 NutraIngredients Europe Awards.

The way forward
Arjuna aims to deliver products that fill key nutrient gaps and help consumers to manage their health.

Moving ahead, the company will leverage consumer insights and science to create solutions that address unmet health needs, identify the benefits of new phytonutrients and focus on supporting women’s health, to name a few.

Our mission is to shape the nutraceutical space of the future with optimal health and wellness. 

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