Ulrick & Short launches neutral-tasting functional protein

Published: 25-Feb-2021

A few years ago, product protein claims were confined to specialist sectors like sports nutrition, R&D Manager Danni Schroeter says

Ulrick & Short has launched a protein aimed not just at fortification but also helping to provide complete amino acid profiles in foods. The company claims that when used in conjunction with pea protein, the ingredient, called complex 24, provides a complete amino acid profile in finished products including plant-based applications.

Product nutritional values and front of pack health credentials are now significant buying factors for many consumers, the company says. In 2020, 9.4% of all UK product launches contained a “Source of/High in protein” claim, and in sectors like cereals and snacking, the proportion was much higher at 28.5%, and 12.6% respectively.

Ulrick & Short says the ingredient has a neutral flavour profile, meaning it has a minimal impact on the taste of finished products. It’s suitable for a range of applications including hot process beverages (both dairy & plant-based), protein bars and meat substitutes. It allows manufacturers to make “Source of/High in protein” claims on products, as well as being clean label, plant-based, gluten & allergen-free & non-GMO, the company says.

Ulrick & Short R&D Manager, Danni Schroeter, said: “A few years ago, product protein claims were confined to specialist sectors like sports nutrition. However, as the consumer appeal of high protein products has grown, NPD in more “conventional” sectors has grown in tandem.”

Schroeter added: “There has also been a shift in consumer expectation. Consumers now demand healthier and more nutritionally beneficial products but no longer accept a compromise on flavour or quality of the finished product. complex 24 is a way for manufacturers to provide a complete amino acid profile in their products, even if it is plant-based. This, combined with low flavour properties of complex 24 distinguishes this from other proteins on the market.”

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