Ulrick & Short debut novel clean label texturisers for baked goods

Published: 4-Jul-2024

The virtura Au solution will allow baked goods manufacturers to produce gluten-free breads with a pleasant texture more sustainably than with traditional psyllium husk

Ulrick & Short, a global clean-label food ingredients provider, has launched virtura, a new range of functional foods that act as natural texturising products.

The solutions are gluten-free and designed specifically for baked goods, assisting in enhancing the texture and mouthfeel of baked products for a better consumer experience. 


virtura Au

The virtura selection includes virtura AU, which is a functional alternative to psyllium husk designed for the use in gluten-free bread products. 

The solution, which consists only of linseed flour and tapioca starch, is more sustainable than psyllium husk, which currently has to be shipped in from India — according to the company. 

It also effectively mimicks psyllium, allowing for great water binding and creating the typical gel-like glutenous texture associated with standard bread products. 

The gel allows the batter to be elastic, allowing the bread to form a pleasant texture in baking; this allows for an overall increase in product quality. 

The functional stability of virtura Au also is of a great advantage to bakers, as it allows for favourable ingredient distribution throughout batches, creating a final product that is consistent and of high quality. 


Ulrick & Short's Ingredients Specialist, Kate Lefroy, said: “We are increasingly seeing consumers shifting away from ultra-processed foods and seeking healthier alternatives, there is a greater need than ever for highly functional ingredients based on natural sources.”  

“The virtura range is inspired by nature's toolbox, developed to create sustainable and planet-friendly solutions with excellent functionalities. With these ingredients, manufacturers can deliver unique and interesting textures whilst maintaining clean and transparent declarations — thus omitting the need for chemically modified additives.” 

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