Bioenergy Ribose improves skin health in 45 minutes, study finds

Published: 17-Apr-2024

The finding fortifies that ATP-boosting Bioenergy Ribose and NAD-boosting RiaGev-WS help skin look visibly healthier

Novel data from Bioactive Ingredients suggest that Bioenergy Ribose and RiaGev-WS (water soluble) offer advantages beyond anything that the cosmetic industry uses.


BLS’s data prove short and long-term benefits when used topically

In 2009, a 28-day study, published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology,  showed that topical application of Bioenergy Ribose significantly reduced wrinkle surface and length. 

These results were observed after 14 days, with further improvements observed at 28 days. Subjectively, 67% of adults perceived their skin to be more radiant and glowing, with 71% noticing less dullness.

For BLS’s new research, data confirm its original 2009 study as well as additional findings. 

Single doses of either Bioenergy Ribose, RiaGev-WS or MannoCare in a water-based solution were applied topically to subjects’ faces and necks. After only 45 minutes, most subjects experienced noticeable improvements, including:

  • Improved skin firmness/wrinkle reduction
  • Enhanced skin elasticity
  • Enhanced vasodilation and skin brightening
  • Increased skin hydration/moisture, which may indicate the ingredients’ ability to improve the absorption of other water-soluble ingredients such as vitamins

As part of this same study, researchers also confirmed that MannoCare, BLS’s high-quality, all-natural mannose, helps skin retain and attract moisture. 

MannoCare’s benefits in topical skincare products include helping skin maintain balance and promoting a plump, dewy appearance.


Understanding the practical applications of this data

“BLS has studied the benefits of Bioenergy Ribose and RiaGev, when taken orally, for some time. In fact, Bioenergy Ribose is the only Ribose that has its benefits tested and proven topically and orally. While our research is ongoing, this new data support our strong belief that RiaGev-WS also delivers the same healthy skin appearance benefits whether used topically or orally,” says BLS Director of Scientific Affairs Michael Crabtree.

He continues: “As we age, or as our skin is exposed to stressors, ATP levels fall dramatically. By helping maintain skin cells’ ATP levels, Bioenergy Ribose enhances skin’s metabolism, giving it a more radiant and healthy appearance. It has also been shown to improve oxygen uptake by skin cells, which may augment the healing process.”


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