Why is BLS’s RiaGev-SR creating excitement, even among healthcare clinicians

Published: 27-Apr-2023

RiaGev-SR, the first NAD booster in a sustained release format, has several advantages

One of the newest NAD-boosting ingredients is taking the healthy ageing category in a new direction. With its introduction of RiaGev-SR, Bioenergy Life Science (BLS) is giving the industry a clinically proven NAD booster in a unique wax-matrix format that mimics food digestion by releasing nutrients in a slow and steady manner. This wax matrix solves problems typically associated with other sustained-release technologies.

“We call RiaGev-SR the ‘next-generation NAD booster’ because it enables brands to set themselves apart from the competition. It is much more consumer-friendly, easy to digest and doesn’t cause the known side effects, such as flushing, associated with other NAD precursors,” said BLS Director of Scientific Affairs Michael Crabtree, N.D.

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Multi-patented RiaGev is a proprietary combination of Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide that delivers unique cellular benefits which promote healthy ageing. Clinical trials show it simultaneously increases NAD, ATP and glutathione production, as well as improvements in overall energy, sleep and blood sugar control.

“Clinicians have been asking for a wax matrix version of this product for quite some time,” added Joe Brunner, VP of Operations for Innovite, the custom nutritional supplement manufacturing company that developed this vegetable wax matrix technology. “This process creates extended-release tablets with a slow, steady dissolution rate over six to eight hours.”

Compared with typical immediate-release tablets, RiaGev-SR offers several advantages:

  • Superior stability with no “dose dumping.” The hydrophobic vegetable wax matrix casing traps 100% of the labelled active ingredients beneath the surface and provides a steady release by utilising the upper intestine acidic environment and body temperature to erode predictably. “We can replicate batch-to-batch extended-release nicotinic acid dissolution profiles with our vegetable wax matrix technology, by contrast, conventional extended-release nicotinic acid tablets rely on a swelling agent such as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) that absorbs moisture to form a water-soluble matrix that releases nicotinic acid as the tablet erodes. However, irregular tablet erosion can lead to an unexpected release of nicotinic acid (dose dumping) and its associated side effects, including skin flushing,” explained Brunner.
  • No undesirable coating ingredients. Since the process results in a smooth glaze, no additional coating ingredients such as sugars, starches or artificial colours are needed.
  • Optimal absorption: Unlike methylcellulose, the vegetable wax matrix releases the active ingredients throughout the gut, supporting more complete absorption.
  • RiaGev-SR enters more than just the brain. “Our preclinical work indicates that RiaGev-SR enters multiple organs including the brain, liver and kidneys for more overall benefits,” said Crabtree.
  • Saturation is maintained for several hours for a consistent, therapeutic effect. “This reduces nutrient fluctuation in the plasma, instead producing a consistent bell curve as RiaGev-SR transits the gut,” added Brunner.
  • Better blood sugar control: “RiaGev-SR allows for better blood sugar control which, in addition to overall metabolism support, may also support consumers’ weight loss efforts through restrictive eating,” said Crabtree.
  • Improves consumer compliance. “Prior to this, consumers would need to take NADboosters morning, noon and evening to maintain saturation. Some people aren’t good about taking multiple doses, so they may not feel the complete benefits and may stop taking the product entirely. Now with RiaGev-SR, dosing is once or twice a day, improving compliance and saving the consumer money,” Crabtree explained. “RiaGev-SR delivers on promise and consumers will feel the difference.”

RiaGev-SR is available in bulk tablet form directly from BLS, making it easy for you to select your own finished product packaging options.

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