Study shows BLS ingredient promotes healthy ageing

Published: 19-Mar-2021

Previous preclinical data has reportedly shown RiaGev safely strengthens the NAD salvage pathway and increases NAD across all tissues

Bioenergy Life Science (BLS) has announced the results of a human clinical study involving its RiaGev ingredient. According to the study, the ingredient promotes healthy ageing in multiple ways, including directly impacting stress-related parameters such as cortisol, among healthy, middle-aged study participants.

NAD+ is a molecule that enables cells and mitochondria to convert food into energy. The NAD+ molecule naturally contains ribose and nicotinamide. RiaGev is a combination of Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide.

The single-centre, randomised, double-blind, comparator controlled, cross-over study investigated the safety and efficacy of RiaGev in healthy men and women ages 36 to 65.

In the study, researchers looked at RiaGev’s impact on circulating levels of NAD+ and NADP+, as well as RiaGev’s ability to increase ATP/ADP, induce increased glutathione levels to minimize oxidative stress and reduce cortisol production.

After participants supplemented with RiaGev or a placebo for seven days, the researchers determined supplementation was associated with significant increases NAD+ and NADP+ levels in the body. “ATP levels drop with age, most dramatically after age 60. Since this is associated with premature aging, boosting NAD+ and ATP levels has interested researchers for many years,” said BLS Director of Scientific Affairs, Michael Crabtree.

“Supplementing with 1540mg of RiaGev dosed twice daily for five days significantly increased NAD+ in the blood 11% over baseline as well as over placebo. The increase to NADP+, an advanced product of NAD+, was even more dramatic at 27%. Higher NADP+ yield means the body is at a higher energy status, consistent with having more ATP, ADP and glutathione in the blood,” he continued.

The ingredient also increased patients’ glutathione levels, in addition to reducing their levels of cortisol, a primary stress hormone. Crabtree said: “Exercise induces oxidation, and glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant.”

In addition, researchers found that RiaGev improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

“Even though the total mass is higher because there are two ingredients, the price per dose is very cost effective. This makes RiaGev a logical choice in the healthy ageing category,” Crabtree continued.

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