Targeting sports performance

Published: 26-Apr-2017

A polyphenol-rich formulation is clinically proven to improve physical performance during high-intensity exercise

Fytexia launched in the US 6 months ago its new range of sports nutrition ingredients and will present them for the first time in Europe at Vitafoods 2017. All supported by clinical proves of efficacy, the French company has announced the publication of a new clinical study in the under-review journal Nutrients, demonstrating the benefits of PerfLoad, its formulation targeting sports performance.

“Supplementation with a Polyphenol-Rich Extract, PerfLoad, Improves Physical Performance during High-Intensity Exercise: A Randomized, Double Blind, Crossover Trial”

Julien Cases, Cindy Romain, Cristian Marín-Pagán Prost-Camus et al. Published online, April, 24th, 2017 (

Experts in the polyphenol science, the aim of Fytexia is to bring out the vast – and mostly unexploited – potential of these natural bioactives for the optimisation of physical activity. With the market evolving into the mainstream, brands willing to sustainably occupy the new space must create products suited for wider exposure. In other words, formulas must be perfectly safe, supported by strong human evidence, and made of natural, non-GMO ingredients that people can recognise and trust.

PerfLoad is a flavonoid-rich ingredient formulated from grape, pomegranate and green tea extracts. The natural composition has been designed to target heavier performance using polyphenol strength to improve peak power and total anaerobic work capacity.

A randomised, placebo controlled, crossover study, was conducted in the Research Center of High Performance Sport of the University of Murcia (Spain) to evaluate whether PerfLoad could improve physical performance during high-intensity exercise, in anaerobic condition, while sustaining physiological and biochemical processes of 15 recreationally-active sportsmen.

The Wingate test was used to assess maximum anaerobic power during a high intensity exercise on a cycle ergometer.

Supplementation with PerfLoad was correlated with a significant increase in the total anaerobic work capacity by 5% which represents an increase of 876 joules developed in 30 seconds. 900 mg of PerfLoad, taken pre-workout, was proven to provide explosive power from the very start of the exercise and the maximal peak power output was significantly increased by 3.7% without inducing higher fatigue or higher heart rate at V02max. In addition, blood markers showed that oxidative homeostasis was stabilised in supplemented subjects.

Targeting sports performance

As pre-workout supplementation has become a significant nutritional approach in recent years, such results demonstrated that the water-soluble ingredient, PerfLoad, can be a natural and efficient solution helping athletes to improve their physical performance while balancing their metabolism and reducing exercise-induced oxidative stress.

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