Oliglow - prebiotics for a healthier skin supported by clinical evidence

Published: 9-Feb-2021

Oliglow is a food-based ingredient concentrated to 70% galactooligosaccharides (GOS), which benefits the gut thereby positively influencing skin health

Nutricosmetics are rising. The inner-and-outer approach is becoming an essential trend in the cosmetics market. More and more consumers are seeking solutions in food and dietary supplements on top of their beauty routine. Customers are increasingly knowledgeable about the ingredients in the products they buy and look for natural, safe and scientifically supported solutions. Beauty from within is confirmed as a category to address with natural clinically proven ingredients.

Gut-skin axis: it all starts from the microbiome

Our modern living habits tend to negatively impact our microbiome, generating an imbalance to microbial colonies, leading to higher inflammation – through a modulation of cytokines – and higher oxidative stress. This unbalance affects the skin barrier function and its sensitivity to photoageing.

The good news is that for the part of the issue coming from the microbiome, we can act by rebalancing the microorganisms in the gut by promoting the healthy ones. In Oliglow, Fytexia has identified a safe, natural, and clinically proven solution to help customers reach a healthy skin.

Oliglow is a food-based ingredient concentrated to 70% galactooligosaccharides (GOS), including galactosyllactose: a specific prebiotic originally isolated from mother’s milk. These soluble, short-chain fibres are non-digestible and fermented in the intestine, contributing to the regulation of the local microflora: OliGlow demonstrated its benefits in rebalancing the ratio in lactobacillus and bifidobacteria of the gut, leading to lower inflammation and oxidative stress, which are damaging to skin health.

A clinical study was conducted with a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled protocol on 79 healthy adults for 3 months. Subjects supplemented with 2 g/day of Oliglow improved the capacity of their skin to retain water, significantly improving the level of hydration of the upper layer of the epidermis after the first month of supplementation. Moreover, the Oliglow group also showed a significantly decreased level of erythema and the sensitivity of their skin to photo-ageing.

OliGlow is recommended at a dose of 2g/day. On top of its clinically demonstrated benefits for the skin, Oliglow is suitable for a large spectrum of applications, from capsules to functional foods. This new ingredient is highly soluble, colourless in solution, and boasts a neutral taste profile.

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