Taiyo wows at Vitafoods with special product prototypes

Published: 31-May-2022

Shot concepts, functional juices and meat-free bolognese: Taiyo's new developments attracted plenty of attention in Geneva

Taiyo, the expert in health-promoting natural ingredients, introduced innovative concepts that generated great interest among visitors to Vitafoods Europe in Geneva.

The focus was on Taiyo's water-soluble ingredients such as Sunfiber, SunActive Mg and combination products like SunCurcumin. Additionally, Taiyo presented a blue Sunfiber, which consists of a combination with phycocyanin from the Spirulina algae.

Other popular new products included power shot concepts based on prebiotic juice powders with Sunfiber, which were eagerly tasted by attendees, as well as prototypes of matcha pralines and Taiyo’s elderberry based ElderMune gummies.

Taiyo presented more than 40 new product concepts at Vitafoods, based on seven different raw materials, including Guar bean fibre (PHGG), matcha and elderberry. Highlights at the booth were its water-soluble ingredients – a range of Sunfiber blends with various additional health benefits, like blue Sunfiber.

It consists of a combination from Sunfiber and the Spirulina algae, which contains a lot of protein and is said to slow down ageing processes, and also strengthen the immune system.

Moringa Extract S, a standardised leaf powder with 10% glucomoringin, which has anti-inflammatory properties, also generated great interest. Whether presented as a capsule or tablet, visitors were excited by the variety of options available.

Another special offer at the Taiyo stand was vegan bolognese, made with Vegemeat, a granulated pea protein that is free from soy, gluten, additives and preservatives, and has a convincing, minced meat-like texture.

It is particularly suitable for making dishes such as meat-free bolognese or lasagna and therefore appeals to the consumer group who follow a vegan or low-meat diet, or suffer from intolerances and therefore closely study ingredient lists.

Thanks to the gentle manufacturing process, Vegemeat convinces with a low acrylamide value and is thus superior to many other legume-based meat alternatives.

Dr Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director of Taiyo's German subsidiary, says: "The trend towards organic products was really noticeable at the show. As consumers are increasingly questioning a product's ingredients and wanting natural and plant-based alternatives, manufacturers of end products are on the search for suitable solutions."

Another trend evident at Vitafoods was growing interest in functional confectionery. Delicious gummies with added health benefits, for example, are becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

They can be easily adapted to the different needs of various consumer groups and are available as a healthy alternative to conventional fruit gums. Taiyo has quickly responded to this trend and showcased its ElderMune gummies, which contain elderbery juice powder plus Sunfiber.

These small berries positively impact immune health because they are rich in vitamins C and B, and contain essential oils and minerals. So-called anthocyanins — secondary plant substances — are not only responsible for the berry's rich black-blue colour but also protect the body's cells from free radicals.

Heart and blood pressure also benefit from advantageous elderberries as they have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. They therefore provide a great alternative to cranberries in combating cystitis and kidney disease, and help thoroughly flush the excretory organs.

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