Symrise launches online microbiome research platform

Published: 29-Oct-2021

The online platform focuses on the microbiome’s symbiotic relationship with the human body and its role in health and personal care

Symrise has launched a research platform for microbiome products. The SymProBiome platform is designed to improve understanding of the body’s complex and dynamic ecosystems and enable the creation of specific and effective health and personal care products for key areas including skin and hair care, oral hygiene and gut health.

“Like the earth itself, the human body resembles a large dynamic ecosystem that strives for stability and balance across its smaller ecosystems while facing constant challenges. We consider it therefore essential to understand the body’s microbiomes both locally and as a holistic system in order to develop products that can truly maximize health and wellbeing while enhancing consumer satisfaction”, said Imke Meyer, VP Global Innovation Cosmetic Ingredients Division of Symrise.

The online platform focuses on the microbiome’s symbiotic relationship with the human body and its role in health and personal care. It features products and ingredients as well as insights for existing ingredients. Applications range across the company’s product portfolio, from oral care and cosmetics to food and fragrances.

SymProBiome emerged from collaborations between Symrise professionals in microbiology, microbiome research, and other authorities in the fields of human cell and molecular biology, analytics, and organic synthesis.

“SymProBiome takes research and understanding of the human microbiome to the next level. This includes the development of dedicated in vitro and ex vivo microbiome models that closely models the natural ecosystems of the body”, said Dr Christin Koch, Director Microbiology Research at Symrise and scientific head of SymProBiome.

Through the use of microbiome screening and modelling tools, the platform has enabled the development of ingredients in key areas including the underarm, skin, scalp, and oral cavity, the company says.

“We feel perfectly positioned to deliver innovations in microbiome personal care, continuously building on our existing knowledge by forging partnerships with a wealth of leading scientific experts who form part of our scientific advisory board. SymProBiome has already brought scientific breakthroughs with significant relevance to product development”, said Dr. Florian Genrich, Senior Global Product Manager at Symrise.

The platform has been made possible through collaborations with Diana Food (belonging to Symrise’s Flavor & Nutrition segment), a producer of natural food ingredients, as well as probiotics experts Probi and global authorities including Canada’s Université Laval Institute of Nutrition and Functional Food (INAF) and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

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