Symrise announces range of aronia health actives

Published: 10-May-2022

The extract and powder ingredients offer potent antioxidant effects, Symrise says

Symrise has launched a range of aronia health active ingredients. The range contains an aronia extract and aronia juice powder, both standardised in polyphenols and anthocyanins. The company has filed a patent application for the aronia extract, which provides polyphenols in addition to multiple cellular antioxidant effects. This range expands the diana food portfolio of health actives.

Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa), also known as black chokeberry, contains a high concentration of antioxidants such as polyphenols, particularly anthocyanins. Plants produce these antioxidants to protect themselves from environmental stress.

According to Symrise, literature has documented the antioxidative properties of aronia, which relate specifically to cardiovascular health, metabolic health, and immune system support. The company says it has demonstrated the specific cellular antioxidative properties of the aronia extract on different cell types, including intestinal cells, using a novel cellular model.

The extract reportedly boasts high total polyphenolic content, high proanthocyanins content, and a specific proanthocyanidins-to-anthocyanins ratio. The carrier-free, free-flowing extract in powder form features a minimum of both 50% total polyphenols and 10% anthocyanins.

Suggested applications include capsules, tablets, powder sticks, nutritional shots, and supplement gummies. The spray-dried, soluble aronia juice powder features a minimum of both two percent total polyphenols and 0.2 percent anthocyanins. Applications for the juice powder include powder drinks, healthy beverages, snacks, and foods.

According to Nathalie Richer, Global Health Business Leader in the Business Unit Naturals of Symrise Food & Beverage, “Early on, the team recognised aronia’s great potential for the food, beverage, and supplement segments. This small purple berry comes with a long history, as it was traditionally used by Native Americans. Today, we see aronia as a potent natural ingredient with almost limitless application opportunities. We’ve created some exciting concepts such as energy and immunity gummies. These include a unique combination of aronia polyphenols and natural vitamin C from acerola and thus contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.”

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