Successful pairing by Indena at SSW 2022

Published: 2-Nov-2022

Join Indena in Las Vegas to find out about its latest products, including Anthocran, Phytosome and Relissa

All its recent updates regarding leading products, proprietary delivery systems and the most recent developments on other important subjects such as sustainability: this is what Indena is taking to Supply Side West 2022 on 2-3 November, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nv Expo Hall, Booth 5265. 

Indena will share with clients and experts recent developments of Phytosome, Indena’s historical Technology Platform aimed to optimise natural compounds, and will feature its latest products based on this technology such as: Quercefit, Indena’s quercetin Phytosome which has proven effectiveness on multiple conditions, Anthocran Phytosome and Relissa. Indena’s approach to sustainability is another topic Indena will share with its clients at Supply Side West. 

“In the last few months, people, companies and experts are back to trade shows and events to meet again and to share knowledge, new concepts and trends in the nutraceutical world. And we’re here again, at one of the most important trade shows, to confirm our important role in this industry, as we have been doing for over one hundred years,” said Daniele Giavini, Managing Director of Indena.

Our botanical ingredients meet this demand, as they’re recognised as very effective and safe, thanks to our commitment to research and to our state-of-the art production processes

Giavini continued: “USA is an important market, and we’re happy to introduce some of our most recent launches and innovative products at Supply Side West. Since several years people are taking care of their health with a holistic approach. This means they are oriented towards prevention, lifestyle and nutrition, and looking for high-quality supplements. Our botanical ingredients meet this demand, as they’re recognised as very effective and safe, thanks to our commitment to research and to our state-of-the art production processes.”

Despite their potential for promising health benefits, botanical compounds often show poor water solubility and limited intestinal absorption, which usually hamper any significant oral bioavailability. Phytosome – a proprietary Technology Platform developed by Indena – is the breakthrough 100% food-grade delivery system that optimises the bioabsorption and pharmacokinetic profile of many natural actives, allowing our bodies to absorb them in the best possible way, compared to non-formulated ones. Today this is the most reliable and customisable solution in the nutraceutical field. 

Phytosome is formulated with natural dietary ingredients already existing in the human body (phospholipids) that act as vectors, dynamically reducing the self-aggregation of natural compounds. Functional dispersion allows natural compounds to interface efficiently with the gut’s ecosystem in terms of absorption and microbiota interactivity. It thus optimises bioabsorption without relying on pharmacological adjuvants or the structural modification of ingredients, maintaining tolerability and safety over time. 

“We’re proud to present our updates on Phytosome and on other important products, such as Quercefit, Anthocran Phytosome and Relissa,” said Cosimo Palumbo, Chief Operating Officer of Indena USA. “As regards Phytosome, we have pursued a continuous evolution and refinement of the original version, creating the most extensive scientific literature available on the subject and producing Phytosome products at industrial scale while still guaranteeing that the natural component’s matrix can be replicated, controlled and verified batch after batch. An incredible intelligence delivered globally in over 4 billion servings, able to enhance the power of phytonutrients.”

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