Study shows Quercetin phytosome aids recovery from Covid-19

Published: 31-Jan-2023

It has been proven to be an effective natural help to manage early stage conditions of COVID-19, in combination with standard care

Indena’s Quercefit is an innovative 100% food-grade delivery system of quercetin based on Phytosome technology, which optimises quercetin bioavailability (up to 20 times and in the range of a diet rich in vegetables and fruits) with dose linearity.

Although the emergency due to the pandemic is luckily decreasing at a global level, COVID-19 continues to be the focus for several scientific analysis. Quercetin Phytosome has been the object of several human studies in the last two years, the most recent one issued in January 2023 which demonstrated that this ingredient, in combination with standard care, when used in early stage of COVID-19, could aid in ameliorating the early conditions and helps keeping the immune system strong, mildening the symptoms and optimising the timing of molecular test conversion from positive to negative. 

The most recent study involved a larger group of subjects (100 subjects consisting of 50 people in the quercetin group and 50 ones in the control group) completing the preliminary data anticipated and published in 2021. 

Antonella Riva, Head of Product Innovation and Development & LCM of Indena S.p.A, explained: “Quercetin as a possible complementary agent for early-stage COVID-19: Concluding results of a randomised clinical trial” by Di Pierro et al., explains: “This randomised clinical trial investigated the possible adjuvant effect of an oral quercetin supplementation in mild to moderately symptomatic COVID-19 outpatients. The results revealed that subjects who received quercetin in addition to standard care, cleared the virus better (tested negative for SARS-CoV-2) and had milder symptoms as compared to the people who received the standard care alone.”

We’re very happy and proud to see such results from our Quercefit and to give our contribution in helping people’s health

Riva continued: “Moreover, participants in the quercetin group also showed statistically significant improvement in the serum levels of inflammatory biomarker LDH. Also the outcomes of our last study then suggest possible quercetin supplementation effectiveness in the early-stage mild to moderately symptomatic COVID-19 outpatients and may help in optimising the clearance of the SARS-CoV 2 infection, mildening of the symptoms and modulation/control of the host’s inflammatory response. The study also supports the safety of quercetin supplementation in subjects with COVID-19 which has an unpredictable and complex course and hence may be potentially used as an adjuvant alongside routine care in the management of mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19”. 

"We keep devoting resources to clinical research with the aim to get stronger and stronger scientific evidence about Indena’s ingredients. We’re very happy and proud to see such results from our Quercefit and to give our contribution in helping people’s health which has had to face one of the most serious pandemics in recent years,” added Stefano Togni, Chief Commercial Officer of Indena S.p.A. 

Quercetin, a flavonol not naturally present in the human body, is the most abundant polyphenol in fruits and vegetables and is widely used as a dietary supplement to boost the immune system and in general to promote a healthy condition. Quercetin is characterised by crucial pharmacological properties including antioxidant and immune-protective effects, which allows it to be a potential candidate to support all unpleasant conditions where oxidative stress, inflammation and immunity are involved. These conditions include discomforts related to cardiovascular health, healthy-ageing, bones and joint health, sport and physical activity, gut and respiratory health. 

Quercefit is Indena’s formulation of quercetin deriving from the flower buds of Sophora japonica L., based on phytosome proprietary technology that optimises its biological absorption.

It has been proven that Quercefit is able to modulate biological markers, typical in inflammatory conditions, in respiratory health, endurance and eye health and that it is an effective support for healthy ageing thanks to its senolytic action. That is why Quercefit may be called a multi-target product, which can be of help for several conditions. 

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