Research confirms Chlorella delivers plant-based source of Vitamin B12

Published: 11-Mar-2019

Consumption of Chlorella as part of a plant-based diet can compensate for the regimen’s nutritional deficiencies of vitamin B12, new study reveals

Valensa, the Florida-based nutraceutical company, has released information supporting the consumption of Chlorella as part of a plant-based diet to compensate for the regimen’s nutritional deficiencies of vitamin B12.

A report published this month by the Harvard University and the German Nutrition Society verify a previous paper by The Vegan Society recommending vegan diet followers take a daily supplement to compensate for B12 deficiencies.

Finding an organic, plant-based source of vitamin B12 that is Non-GMO Verified has previously been virtually impossible to find.

But Valensa’s Chief Science Officer, Margaret Dohnalek, has revealed that additional study completed by a third party, showed Valensa’s Parry Organic Chlorella deliver the adequate intake recommended for vitamin B12 in only 1.5 grams.

Dr Dohnalek says countries like Japan and South Korea lead the global consumption of Chlorella despite the growing popularity of the vegan lifestyle in the United States.

“Both Chlorella and Spirulina have nearly 60% protein, but Chlorella has unique phytonutrients like CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor), which make it useful for detoxification, cellular health, immune support and related anti-aging benefits,” said Umasudhan, CEO of Valensa International.

He continued: “Our third-party lab testing showed Parry Organic Chlorella provided a good source of B12 to supplement a vegetarian and vegan diet with the recommended daily allowance of this key vitamin.”

Plant-based diets

Following a plant-based lifestyle has many benefits, however, one of the challenges is maintaining optimal levels of Vitamin B because this water-soluble, and essential vitamin, is typically found in animal products.

Vitamin B is a powerhouse of a vitamin, capable of helping the body make red blood cells and DNA while supporting a healthy nervous system.

Depleted levels of Vitamin B can lead to heart disease, anemia, loss of energy, tingling, numbness, reduced sensitivity to pain or pressure, blurred vision, abnormal gait, sore tongue, poor memory, confusion, even hallucination and personality changes.

Vitamin B is also an important building block during pregnancy, so plant-based dieters need a viable supplement that meets their daily recommendations.

Non-GMO Verified Chlorella

Since 2003, Valensa has spearheaded the development of Organic Chlorella. Valensa’s Parry Organic Chlorella is phototropically-grown in a unique closed system. It provides a microalgae-based protein source, rich in vitamin B12, essential amino acids, fatty acids, as well as unique detoxification qualities with Chlorella Growth Factor. Also contains chlorophyll, beta-carotene and lutein among many other minerals and nutrients.

Parry Organic Chlorella may be acquired in tablets or powder, giving product designers many options for convenient dosing. The powder is easily mixed in water and may be included in other delivery forms including bars, chewables, and shakes.

N.B.This is an edited version of the original article published by Valensa on the company website.

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