Recovery time post-workout could be shortened by botanical extract

Published: 27-Sep-2017

A new study published on muscle soreness has shown recovery time post-workout may be shortened by a polyphenol-rich combination of botanical extracts

Riding the wave of its new range of sports nutrition ingredients, Fytexia announced the publication of a new clinical study in the peer-reviewed journal Phytotherapy Research.

These new clinical findings demonstrate the benefits of TensLess, a natural solution to help manage post-exercise recovery.1

Nowadays, post-workout supplementation mainly consists of replenishment of the nutrients consumed by the body during physical effort. It is well-established that acute bouts of strenuous physical exercise can result in sore and achy muscles. Consequently, athletes experience a reduced level of performance during subsequent training.

Therefore aiming to reduce this soreness and discomfort is an optimal solution to help sportsmen resume training faster.

Polyphenols, because of their protective properties, have been clinically proven to provide post-workout reduction of muscle damage and lead to improved muscle recovery.

TensLess is a polyphenol-rich ingredient formulated from extracts of mangosteen, elderberry and pomegranate.

A randomised, placebo-controlled, crossover study, was conducted in the Research Center of High Performance Sport of the University of Murcia (Spain) to evaluate the effects of TensLess on the management of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and on the reduction of muscle-damage biomarkers following an eccentric exercise protocol on 18 sportsmen, both female and male.

TensLess was taken for 5 consecutive days at dosage of 1.5 g daily.

Repeated eccentric exercises were performed to induce muscle soreness. DOMS evaluation was done before, right after workout and every day for the 4 days post-exercise.

Supplementation with TensLess provided a significant decrease in DOMS perception as early as the first 24 hours following physical exercise.

Additional to this benefit, the length of the recovery period was improved with supplementation: a reduction of 28% of the DOMS perception was registered as compared to the placebo group.

This result was significantly correlated with a lower release of muscle damage-associated biomarkers, namely creatine kinase, creatinine and myoglobin during the 4 days post-workout.

These positive results clearly indicate that post-exercise supplementation with TensLess may preserve myocytes and reduce soreness following eccentric exercise-induced damage and significantly shorten muscle recovery.

As post-workout supplementation has become a significant nutritional approach in recent years, the results demonstrated that the natural and water-soluble ingredient TensLess, can be a rapidly efficient solution helping athletes to optimise their regular sport sessions through a faster recovery.


  1. Cindy Romain et al., "Supplementation with a Polyphenol-Rich Extract, TensLess, Attenuates Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and Improves Muscle Recovery from Damage After Eccentric Exercise," Phytotherapy Research (2017).

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