Probi supplement improves iron status in pregnant women

Published: 23-Apr-2021

Iron deficiency is a very common challenge for women of childbearing age in general and especially for pregnant women

A previously reported study on improved iron status in healthy pregnant women following supplementation with Probi’s FerroSorb has been published.

Iron deficiency is a very common challenge for women of childbearing age in general and especially for pregnant women. Therefore, many women start taking food supplements when they become pregnant. However, conventional high dose iron supplements commonly cause side effects like stomach pain and constipation. Thus, a more physiological approach for improving iron status is attractive, Probi says.

“The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on Probi FerroSorb included 326 healthy, pregnant women.” said Titti Niskanen, Director R&D & Clinical Operations. “Compared to the women in the placebo group, the women taking Probi FerroSorb experienced a significantly lower decrease in serum ferritin, hemoglobin, and other markers of iron status during pregnancy. Moreover, there was a significantly smaller prevalence of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia at week 35 in the Probi FerroSorb group vs placebo.”

Niskanen added: “Even eight weeks after giving birth the women who had consumed Probi FerroSorb throughout their pregnancy had a significantly higher ferritin level than women in the placebo group. This improved iron status after delivery may prove beneficial for maternal postpartum recovery as well as for future pregnancies.”

Iron is absorbed from the diet either as heme iron, derived from animal food sources, or non-heme iron, which is derived from plants and iron-fortified foods. Despite its relative abundance and the relatively low daily iron requirements, it’s often a limiting nutrient in the human diet.

High‐dose iron supplements are used to complement an insufficient dietary intake, but a significant part of the iron remains unabsorbed in the intestine, resulting in potential side effects. It has previously been shown that the probiotic strain Lactiplantibacillus plantarum 299v significantly increases iron absorption from several food matrices.

“Probi has previously shown increased iron absorption with Probi FerroSorb in repeated studies, and now we are very proud also being able to show improved iron status. It is a big achievement and a novelty within the probiotic space,” said Tom Rönnlund, CEO at Probi.

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