Probi now available at Danish health retailer Matas

Published: 28-Jun-2024

The probiotics provider has extended its reach to the Danish retail market from the pharmacy, and can assist people in supporting their wellbeing through gut health

Probi — a probiotic ingredients specialist — has now extended its product reach to Denmark, where it will be sold at the health-oriented retail chain, Matas.

This endeavour will allow Probi to offer its probiotic solutions to a wider audience, promoting health and wellbeing throughout the Nordic region. 


Preventive health on the rise

In recent years, consumers' views on health have changed significantly, with an increased focus on preventive health measures and overall well-being.

There has also been a huge increase in the interest in gut health, which has led to a boost in the demand for probiotics — live bacteria that promote a healthy gut.

Probi offers food supplements with lactic acid bacteria, supported by extensive research and clinical studies. The range, which consists of products for various health areas such as gut health, immune health and women's health, can contributes to a healthy lifestyle.  

The products are currently sold mainly through pharmacies, both in physical stores and online, in the Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic markets.

Through the collaboration with Matas, the chain's e-commerce customers will initially have access to Probi's range.  

[Photo credit: Erling Jørgensen]

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