Probiotics can combat age-related inflammation, study reveals

Published: 27-Jun-2024

The probiotic significantly reduced pro-inflammatory markers in adults over 70, highlighting HEAL9's potential in mediating age-related inflammation

Probi, a probiotic specialist, has released the results of a study on the efficacy of its Lactiplantibacillus plantarum stain, HEAL9, in reducing inflammation in older adults with chronic low-grade inflammation.

The results were published in Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins.


The study

The randomised, placebo-controlled study involved 66 volunteers, all which displayed symptoms of chronic low-grade inflammation. 
It aimed to determine if Probi’s HEAL9 strain would have any impact on inflammation levels — both alone and in combination with berry intake. 

The trial was conducted for a two week period.

The results

From this study, researchers observed the significant role of HEAL9 in reducing inflammation, as well as decreasing levels of calprotectin — an inflammatory marker in the body. 

There was also a reduction in the pro-inflammatory marker TNF-alpha in the HEAL9 group compared to placebo.

When cognitive assessments were performed using the Trail Making Test, participants in the HEAL9 group performed better.
There was no significant improvement in inflammatory markers in those also consuming berries.


HEAL9 to support the older generation

With HEAL9’s significant impact on inflammation levels in the body, it’s feasible that older adults can use such a probiotic to stave of age-related oxidative stress and inflammation.

This could assist in patients with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, offering a solution which can run adjacent to medication the person may already be taking.

“The new data obtained in older adults follows a previous study, published in 2023, in which the HEAL9 strain was shown to support and improve cognitive performance — as well as memory, mood and sleep in adults at the age of 21-52 years. Supporting cognitive functions and healthy aging is relevant for everyone who wants to live healthier lives for a longer time, and we are confident that our Probi Sensia concept is relevant for many age groups seeking to lay the foundation for better health later in life” said CEO of Probi AB, Anita Johansen.


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