PB Leiner to showcase its SOLUGEL portfolio featuring premium fish collagen at FiE

Published: 24-Nov-2023

Food ingredients Europe represents an excellent opportunity for PB Leiner to showcase the newcomer in its SOLUGEL collagen peptides portfolio, premium quality fish collagen, derived from superior fish raw material and locally farmed on beautiful Hainan island

Visitors to FiE will get the opportunity to discover four products – SOLUGEL Optima FD, Optima FP, Supra FD, and Supra FP – at booth 3.0F80.

The proposed product range comprises four products that fit a wide variety of consumer applications.

SOLUGEL Optima FD and FP are destined for oral consumption as collagen powders, boasting near-water organoleptic properties, combined with outstanding solubility and wettability.

SOLUGEL Supra FD and FP, by contrast, comprises the only low molecular weight collagen on the market that combines a high di- and tripeptide content with excellent organoleptic properties and dissolution, making it a model match for a broad range of applications.

Fish collagen has been extensively researched for its health benefits with regard to skin recovery and regeneration.

Furthermore, scientific evidence has been found to support its beneficial effect on blood sugar and blood pressure regulation, immunity, gut/digestive system health, bone/joint health, weight management, lipid metabolism, oxidant stress, antiageing/life span, and tumour growth.

The addition of fish to the current product portfolio, which already includes porcine and bovine sources, not only enhances product differentiation but also ensures the fulfillment of a wide range of customer demands.

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