NutriLeads’ prebiotic notified for immune health Claims in Oceania

Published: 31-Aug-2023

The company's prebiotic fibre from upcycled carrot pomace BeniCaros has been submitted to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand following a systematic review

Following a systematic review of the scientific evidence supporting BeniCaros, NutriLeads’ clinically proven precision prebiotic fibre from upcycled carrot pomace, eight self-substantiated food health relationships have been submitted to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).

The general level health claims were made in collaboration with NutriLeads’ Australia and New Zealand distribution partner, Pathway International. 

“The FSANZ claims mean manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand can include them on the labels of their food and beverage products,” said Joana Carneiro, PhD, NutriLeads CEO. “It sends a clear message to consumers that the health benefits of BeniCaros are scientifically substantiated.”

The FSANZ claims, which are based on the results of peer-reviewed randomised clinical research, are as follows:

  • Supports/aids/assists/promotes/boosts/stimulates/improves immune health.
  • Reduces the severity and duration of symptoms of common cold (rhinovirus) infection.
  • Stimulates innate immune and anti-viral response to common cold (rhinovirus) infection.
  • Faster and more effective immune response.
  • Supports immune defences.
  • Supports healthy immune system function and response.
  • Accelerates local protective anti-viral immune response.
  • Immunomodulatory effect on immune cells.

In addition to the FSANZ claims, BeniCaros is permitted for use in dietary supplements regulated by Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), without restrictions. 

BeniCaros creates new opportunities for product innovation in the immune and gut health marketplace

- Wayne Coote, MD of Pathway International

BeniCaros, a plant-based, award-winning, precision prebiotic fibre known scientifically as RG-I (Rhamnogalacturonan-I), has a dual mechanism of action. At a very low 300 mg daily serving size, BeniCaros trains the innate immune system to respond smarter, faster and stronger. It also consistently and selectively increases beneficial gut microorganisms, with minimal gas production, despite preexisting variation in individual gut microbiota composition. This supports a robust gut ecosystem that is essential to a strong immune system and overall health.

“BeniCaros creates new opportunities for product innovation in the immune and gut health marketplace,” said Wayne Coote, MD of Pathway International, which represents BeniCaros in the Australian and New Zealand markets. “The ingredient has remarkable health benefits, formulation properties and now notified label claims.” 

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